It Happened Again!

It Happened Again!

Yup. When I think about JWs, they arrive. Two JW women stopped by today. We had a nice talk on my back deck.

The leader was one I’ve been talking with for some time, so I wasn’t too shocked to see them. She is in "circuit work," so I supposed I should feel honored in some way that she spends time with me.

She tried to fling out Psalms and such, but we ended up talking mostly about politics. It’s really kind of funny, because I think she enjoys my company too. And although she calls herself "politically neutral" (as they all do), she also compared some of the things that were happening to Nazi Germany. A Holocaust survivor was making the rounds and had spoken recently in her congregation. I imagine it’s a little confusing – since they are torn between apocalypic thinking and wanting to defend first amendment rights and other American values that make their work easier.

I took a few Watchtowers and Awakes off her hands, and everybody was happy.

This will be my last visit from her, since she is being reassigned – I’ll actually miss her. She is a fine woman. Goodbye, my friend.


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