Christianity Rant (a poem)

Christianity Rant (a poem)

Christianity Rant

You think that you’re a monotheist
but you believe in Jupiter-Mars
with Osirus for dessert
You say that there is only one God
but your own commandment merely states
you must worship "no other god before me"
Do we worship him first
then move on to his children
(Perhaps there is one other)
And where is our mother hiding?

Who was your god talking to
when he created in "our image"
And why is it writ plural, the name Elohim
A corporation from the start
they had an organizational chart
Never mind for now the ring around
the rosy of the father son and ghost
What about God’s Angels?

Oh, not the ones you see now
The real ones aren’t human souls
I mean Angels, the messengers, the spies
principalities now forgotten, strange seraphim
and cherabim, and cyberbim and more
Of the one be not afraid
but from another flows
death and destruction

The vengeful warrior god (part 1)
needs to grow up
and stop punishing you
for failing to meet his impossible goals
Your god makes you schizo
with constant double messages
Really – isn’t he just a mirror
Of your own pathologies?

Your god (part 2) resurrects you one day
a zombie vampire to frighten away
nonexistent children of the future
if you only have faith
and forgive as you would be forgiven
But who among you really believes
This good news of the kingdom?

You can only define goodness as membership
in your fake community, bounded by
collective hatred of any other
Your devil is designed
for fear and conversion and control
He misses his days as Pan
cloven hooves dancing, pipes playing
and plenty of wine,
that you’ve turned into the blood
of the good guy.

But even your sa-tan, the liar the adversary
was part of the system, the lawyer
travelling about, he took time out
to manipulate your god into Job’s torture
You would kill your messiah again today
between terrorism and the Patriot Act
Oh, yes, he’d think Bush was a jerk
but I don’t think you’d like him either.

–Copyright VirusHead, contact for permissions. 


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