Religious Truth

Religious Truth

Well, I updated my site and blog – I was getting tired of the darks and purples and decided to go for a serene combo of blues and teals with just a little glowy green in homage to the virus. Still have to make some banners and such, but I like the overall look – less clutter. I’m still trying to figure out a better way to handle navigation. I just have so many pages!

Still reeling from a pretty nasty comment on the blog – didn’t really expect it. We "liberals" are the new "commies", so I guess I shouldn’t be so disappointed. It seems a simple thing that God can’t be the property of a political party. I’m always terribly suspicious about people who claim God is on their side anyway. As a former Jehovah’s Witness I remember too well how very comforting it was to believe that everyone who made you uncomfortable wasn’t on the "good list" with God. On the other hand, I’m pretty grateful to be beyond that point in my spiritual growth.

I heard a theologian from South Africa on the radio the other day. I wish I had caught his name – he had been involved in the Truth and Reconciliation effort that granted amnesty for those who told the stories of what really happened during apartheid. One thing he said that seems so basic but that never fails to move me is the insight that truth is something that, religiously, one strives toward, not claims. He called it the lowest possible form of religion that creates divisions. Isn’t it interesting to see religion-based hatred springing forth again here, in the land of the free, at the beginning of the new century – a mirror of the other divisions in the world. These really are the new "Crusaders" (read some history of the Crusades for a sense of some of the things that were motivating them – or read about "Manifest Destiny" as a doctrine and a set of effects)- I really hope not in the sense that the extremist Muslims on the other side think. We’ve not yet sunk so low.


8 thoughts on “Religious Truth

  1. I like the new look, but more, I like that you are back. 🙂
    ” truth is something that, religiously, one strives toward, not claims”


  2. Hey Heidi!! Your site looks great, and I love your spirit page as well 🙂 (I went and voted for you too *smiles*) I’m sorry you got a bad comment on your blog – I hate when things like that happen. Even when we know the person is in the wrong, its still really upsetting. *big hugs* talk to you later!! 🙂

  3. Hi, um, what did I say? I mean, how come the post was removed? I certainly did not mean to offend you. I have the utmost respect for you and your work. I am just happy that you are posting again. And, the page looks great. I cannot even say that I remember what was posted here, but, whatever it was, please know that I was not intentionally offensive. I have a link to you on my site because I value yours.

  4. I did not delete your comment! This has happened occasionally before. However, I always love your comments and would have no reason to delete any feedback that you made. I even leave comments up by people I have serious diasagreements with (but then sometimes they delete their own comments). I am so sorry your comments have disappeared. I am taking it up with blogger again.

  5. Seems like the gremlin who has attacked your blog has done some work on mine, now (a virus?). I have suddenly lost the ability to write or edit my blog. For no apparent reason, the permissions have been changed and are inaccessable to me. I am talking to my server people about it (and waiting for their reply). I may lose the whole BLOG. Ah well, never a good idea to get too attached to anything. Perhaps a fresh start will bring new thoughts. But, oh the work!

  6. The impossible may have become possible?

    “A new scriptural synthesis and interpretation, [authorship unknown] entitled The Final Freedoms, which includes material from the OT/NT, Apocrypha, The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Nag Hammadi Library, to describe and teach the first wholly new Christian moral and spiritual paradigm for two thousand years is on the Net.”

    “And this is the first ever religious teaching, a gospel able to demonstrate by an act of faith, its own efficacy! That is to say, the first living and testable moral proof of the living God has been published and is circulating on the Web! However incredulous this may sound, if this teaching is confirmed, and there appear to be many who are attempting to do so, it can only be described as an intellectual and religious revolution in the making! ”

    The site where I found my copy of the manuscript [a 1.3mb pdf download] at is at

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