Repent, ye Bush supporters

Repent, ye Bush supporters

The truth is, I really am afraid of Bush’s posse. I really do believe that we are already well into Big-Brother land, composed of an unusually strange and only in America kind of new aristocracy. It’s as though JWs have taken over my country! People in my neighborhood are hesitant about Halloween! All around me, people are angry and depressed and confused and frightened, lacking a sense of humor. A woman came to my front door with Bush propaganda and called me a communist when I tried to point out its factual errors. It’s like the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is coming to life – in AMERICA! And half our country seems to think that it’s perfectly ok to move from liberty to greedy doublespeaking pseudo-theocracy.

When I was a kid in Massachusetts it seems that the Red Sox would always be doing really well – everyone would get so excited. And then, they would choke. I’m not a sports fan at all, but I watched some baseball this week. It seemed to be the only thing anyone was happy about, the only thing we could celebrate anymore.

I read my weekly batch of questions for a former JW, and then all my compassion bubbles up, and I think to myself that I really can help, I can really just put a few basic things out there – things that JWs have taken from people and that they have to reclaim for themselves. It’s a very healing thing for me to do, and I’m sure I get more out of it than anyone who asks a question.

But to my horror, I turn around and it’s become the whole country – living in fear, under authorian rule, and I try to find compassion for …say, Wolfowitz or Cheney… AND I CAN’T. I just can’t.

Those of who are for Bush, and who are religious, from a distance you look just like Nazis to me. I’m sorry. I wish it weren’t true. I hope that I can overcome this horrible judgment. I love you all one by one, but collectively you are my worst nightmare. How can you have faith and not see what is happening? How can you be so swindled? You’re all converts of a twisted religion, more corrupt even than our national religion of money. Wake up! Open your eyes!

Repent, while there is still time.

I simply refuse to believe that Kerry won’t be elected. I refuse to believe that this country could willingly chose Bush and his agenda when they had the option of choosing Kerry instead. I’ve read everything I can read, I’ve thought everything I can think, I’ve done everything I can do. I go back and forth on the radio from Air America (Air Atlanta here) and the local Rush Limbaugh & Co station – it’s as though I were in two completely different countries.

But I look at my favorite photograph of John and Teresa, and I see something in them that gives me hope. Not faith, exactly, but real hope that we can start turning around the catastrophic damage that has been done in every sector of our society by this administration.

“When solutions appear impossible, I turn to hope for guidance.”


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