Apologies Accepted

Apologies Accepted

Apologies Accepted – the world’s answer to sorryeverybody.com

Awwww…. They heard us!!!!

Original Site http://www.sorryeverybody.com

Visit the site and see all the people who posted photos of themselves saying sorry to the world community for Bush’s second reign. “Some of us — hopefully most of us — are trying to understand and appreciate the effect our recent election will have on you, the citizens of the rest of the world. As our so-called leaders redouble their efforts to screw you over, please remember that some of us — hopefully most of us — are truly, truly sorry. And we’ll say we’re sorry, even on the behalf of the ones who aren’t.”

Response Site http://www.apologiesaccepted.com

And here is the response. The front page has a guy holding up a pad of paper that reads “Don’t give up hope,” another says “It’s OK – We are sorry for you too.”

It is unbelievably touching to see all these faces next to their written words. I cried, I grinned, I cried some more. Thank you thank you thank you to both sites…

and to Hell’s Kitchen for letting me know the apology – at least in some quarters – was heard and accepted outside the US.


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