JW Chronicles: Jehovah’s Day of Judgment

JW Chronicles: Jehovah’s Day of Judgment

it does not matter what lies or hatred they bestow upon jehovahs witnesses when jehovahs day of judgement comes. It will be him to bring you to justice


H: Thank you for that insight, Renee. I do not see where the lies and hatred are on my site, but I do know that you feel justifed by a sense of persecution. It is interesting to be a “they.” If Jehovah’s day of judgment comes, it will be a bad day for everybody, I suspect. The need for an apocalyptic scenario may bring us all to our knees in radiation sickness and disease. But I applaud your overarching point – why don’t you let God do the sorting out of “justice” and meanwhile follow Jesus’s compassion and the message of good news?


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