JW thinks I’m the AntiChrist

JW thinks I’m the AntiChrist

Sometimes it is difficult to remember that JWs, like hard right republican subjects, are in many cases simply misled. Any reminder about justice, compassion, and authentic religious or american values really threatens their sense of identity. They don’t know what they don’t want to know. Everyone has to find their own way, and I do my best not to return hate for hate – it’s a spiritual trap and it probably isn’t fair anyway. Once in a while I do have a sort of adolescent desire for deeper understanding from current JWs, but I do know that it is a hopeless cause. The JWs I talk to at the door are well-prepared to talk to me, and we often have lovely discussions. However, the ones who talk to me at my home are not typical.

Keep in mind that the true religion is biblically defined as a community that expresses the fruits of the spirit. I post an example today of the expression of the kind of spirit that I receive from current JWs. This one came in on my doodlepad, and I post it because it calls me the antichrist – a term not common among JWs. Evidently I do implode the mental circuits. This post starts off with the typical charges of insanity, sickness, playing with fire, etc. I’m not sure what “antichrist delux hell,” which somehow involves making my “life look peachy keen” is all about, but boy oh boy is this person mad. Why does my site push the buttons? Seems to be because I don’t think that exJWs are satanic or something, because I haven’t gone insane or shut up, and because I somehow have the resources – along with many others on the net – to offer some advice and healing for those who have been hurt. Take a good look at the love…

are you insain?You must of gone off your rocker not even gonna want to be aroungd when Jehovah judges you you are sick and pathetic and I hope you know what the he$$ (edited) your doing cause man the more I read the sicker I get . I have been in alot of crap over my life. I thought that the anticrhist was a myth.I was wrong your the damn antichrist I thought I’vew seen it all.Sh&$ (edited) girl you better get some mental help.Cause you are plaing with fire If you don’t beleive what jw say fine but, don’t spead your lies every where. you havew chosen your path.Ifeel sorry for you not funny one bit you are sick.go forward you ex-wittnesses .antichrist delux hell is what will come down on you not the firery pit kind either.The kind my life sucks so why not try to make my like look peachy keen and see how many fools will listen amnd beleive me theres plent of them out there I’ve met most of thm

I’m not sure exactly what this anonymous poster was initially enraged by, but I must remind all reading JWs (again) that the site is not intended for you (are you even supposed to be reading it?) but for people who have been damaged by the organization. If it threatens you, ask your elders for a behavioral directive. Write the Society for advice.


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