“Taking the Christ out of Christmas”

“Taking the Christ out of Christmas”

This whole new thing about taking away Christmas is such a lie.

There isn’t anyone anywhere saying you mustn’t say Merry Christmas.
The ACLU has fought for Falwell on religious liberty issues and in fact fought for the boys who handed out candy canes with bible verses despite the misleading statements of the so called “religious” right. Doesn’t anyone remember Jesus’ warning about false prophets?

They are just keeping us fighting about these hot-button issues – and even lying about them – while meanwhile doing much more serious things that every christian should be alarmed about and against if they are truly christian.

There is nothing wrong with including everyone and saying happy holidays. I beg you to do a little research before judgment.

Where do you see anyone opposing the expression of christian beliefs?

As a former JW, what I remember is this. We didn’t celebrate Christmas. I had to sit out when the school choir sang Christmas songs. I don’t remember any Hanukkah songs, much less Ramadan or the pagan Yule. I remember not being able to participate when art class made ornaments and cards. I remember not being included. I was a christian too, albeit a fringe one.

Today, my son performs in a christmas program, makes christmas cards and ornaments at school. In his previous school, they even had international students saluting the american flag – parents too shy or polite or frightened to make an issue of it.

Everything is oriented around Christmas. If you want to be critical, it’s the materialism that cuts into the message.

These lies about the left and the ACLU etc are very unchrist-like and very much against the christian message. What could be more christian than to be kind and respectful? What does it cost you to say Merry Christmas, or a blessed Ramadan, or Happy Hanukkah, or have a wondrous Yule? And is it so terrible for someone, knowing they have a mixed audience, to honor all sacred traditions by saying Happy Holidays?

This whole attack is based on a lie. No-one is opposing Christmas – it’s one of the most entrenched traditions of the US. I only wish people were defending freedom of religion, our national fiscal responsibility, the Geneva conventions, and basic values like these. But noooooooo, there is only this horrible projection onto the left – who, incidentally, are the ONLY ones fighting for religious freedom in this country right now – that the left wants to take away Christmas! Give me a break! There are a lot of christians on the left – they perhaps don’t parade it (do you remember what Jesus said about that?). And there are agnostics and atheists too. And there are people with religious convictions other than Christian.

I’m getting emails every day now about this Merry Christmas thing. How the masses are so easily misled – where are your minds?


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