JW Chronicles – But They Have the Truth

JW Chronicles – But They Have the Truth

“I was just disfellowshipped two weeks ago, so very lonely, but it is so obvious that they have the truth, they are trully united worldwide, never fighting in wars, not getting involved in politics, what other religion is like that? Plus we teach the name of Jehovah, I get so angry reading about this site, there is no other church to go to, face the facts!” Darren

My Response:

I am sorry to hear that you were disfellowshipped and that you are lonely and unhappy. The name of the Jehovah is not God’s name – that is only an Anglicized version of someone’s guess about how the sacred 4-letter YHWH name should be pronounced. The true way to pronounce it was only known to the Tribe of Levi and was only to be said in the Holiest of Holies in the Temple. If it were God’s name, you would be committing a blasphemy. Jesus never used God’s name.

I agree with you about their not fighting in wars, but they are involved in politics whether they allow you to vote or not – esp in NY. Ask who owns your Kingdom Hall, for instance.

There are many fine things about the JWs, and I was one myself for a long time. I just found that it was hurting more people than it was bringing into an authentic relationship with God.

You, for instance, should be getting real spiritual advice from a mentor in your religious community. Instead you are cast out and given no chance to learn constructively from whatever mistakes you may have made…if you made any.

If you never write back, I still urge you to sit quietly and talk to your God – the God who loves you and the God you dedicated yourself to. That God forgives you – and you may need to feel closer to God in the weeks and months ahead as you find out what the JWs are really doing to you – as if they had any right to judge (that’s not their job, biblically, but God’s – Jesus said to forgive and that you would be forgiven as your forgave others. Elders in the church are held even more bloodguilty for turning people away and astray – which is what they have just done to you).


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