JW Chronicles: Testimony and Thanks

JW Chronicles: Testimony and Thanks

Testimony and Thanks for the site:

“I was a witness for 12 years and had been attending the meetings since I was 6 years old. I haven’t had an easy life, that doesn’t mean it was a bad one. What triggered my leaving the orginization was not a bad experiece with a certain brother or brothers but the circumstances that would always arise in my life. I was always a very strong believer, I even had the opportunity to be a Servant for five years giving public talks. But every once in a while there were doubts, doubts that somehow were always there but at the sametime I couldn’t really become aware of them at an conscience level that would provoke a reaction. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. The final trigger, the final circumstance in my life that made me realize something wasn’t right was the disintregation of my marriage. My wife cheated on me. I forgave her completely, but divorced her, and was still very strong in the truth, but a question came to mind after some time.

Why doesn’t things go right for me? Why after all the sacrifices in my life I had done for Jehovah I don’t feel complete? Why did I feel something wsan’t right? One night I had a conversation with a cousin of mine. She compared the Orginization with big brother. Something inside me snapped! I decided to prove the truth, as the truth. Not by their investigation methods, but my mine. I found information on the internet and the library.

What revelations. The society had been lying to me all this time! Of course they don’t want you to investigate in your own! These so called “Apostates” were not the lying, truth bending monsters described by the Society! Most (Because some are just hateful people and do not know how to forgive, let alone love) are well intentioned individuals who are trying to help others, like yourself. The best book I read was that of Raymond Franz, Crisis of Conscience. Sure I realize he does add some opinion in there, but as a whole he proves that the Society are not evil but are, in the most part, well intentioned but misled. I really appreciate the advice you post on your website. When I read it, it reminded me of some of the same thoughts I have. I believe in taking a negative and turning it to a positive. Sure I lost some friends, but I still love them with all my heart. That is true love, something doctrines cannot teach you. It is something you can teach yourself with careful study of God by being a student of life. Please continue to give such magnificent WISDOM through your website. You truly are an inspiration.

Thank you again,

My response:

Thank you so much for writing Ruben and for sharing your experience and insights. I am happy to get this letter from you.

I don’t think I have much wisdom, actually, but I do strive for clarity and understanding to the best of my ability. I get a lot of hate mail and it is a relief to know that the site resonates to some in the way it was intended to be received. I hope that you continue to grow in your spiritual path.

Blessings to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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