Another Former JW Writes

Another Former JW Writes

Heather writes:

I just wanted to say that I am so pleased to see an ex-JW site that is geared towards moving on. It has been my motto since my disfellowshipping experience that every religion is here for a reason. Some people feel they need the structure the Jehovah’s Witnesses offer. As for myself, I don’t need that, but I came away and investigated until I knew exactly what I believed. They taught me to question and to never settle for what you are told. For that I thank them. they also taught me to never take a friendship for granted because one day you may look up and realize it is gone. The other “positive” I took away from the experience of being raised in that organization is the ability to speak to a variety of people on a wide variety of subjects. It has made my experiences since leaving far more diverse than many of my peers. Would I go back? No. Do I fault those who stay? No…. So again thank you for creating such a positive site.

That is a very healthy synthesis of your experience and it is terrific that you have identified positive things that you took away from the JWs. Thanks for writing!


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