Ask a Former JW: Who are God’s People?

Ask a Former JW: Who are God’s People?

TMA: I’m having a traumatic life with my family owing to the evil influence of the Elders. Can you help me, as to how to cope with the situation [past 6 yrs!]. My story is a bit long -will write when I get a little time. However I have 2 questions & wonder whether u could answer.

1. Simmilar to the ‘Nation of Israel’, who are Jehovah’s people today ?
2. How can we serve him, in appreciation of all what HE has done for us ?

P.S.From which country are you ? I am from Sri Lanka that was badly affected by recent ‘Tsunamy’! How long were you a JW ? I was for 30 yrs.

Heidi: I hope that you and yours were not too badly hit by the effects of the tsunami, and I will try to help in any way that I can once I hear more about your story. I assume that you, after 30 years, are no longer a JW? I was born a JW, but left in stages as I finished high school and went to college. In answer to your other questions, I have only my own perspective.

My belief is that God’s people are the ones who have awakened love and compassion in themselves and others. The kingdom to me is the spirit connection, the force of humanity united in all its differences – insofar as it overcomes boundaries of nation, state, denomination, etc. It is manifested in the good will of people all over the world – and it is destroyed by greed, fanaticism, hunger for power, hatred and violence. The churches and religions that partipate in these destructive aspects are no longer manifesting religious qualities (the fruits of the spirit). Rather than being spiritual communities, they have become (in)corporations destructive powers. How do we serve God? By joining together in peace and outgrowing hatred and greed.


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