JW Chronicles – Requests for JW Jokes

JW Chronicles – Requests for JW Jokes

A selection to demonstrate some of the reasons why the JW jokes have been requested. Download my collection of Jehovah’s Witness jokes if you like, but please read them with a light-hearted spirit. They are not intended in a hateful way, but only to provide a distancing mechanism in a court-jester style. Some JWs have written to me that they thought they were funny too – and others misinterpreted the collection as an expression of my personal feelings. My advice to recovering JWs page is where you should go for my serious writing on the subject, or look through the JW-related posts here.

Christopher: Can I get your JW jokes? A friend just got kicked out of his house for going to a mall with a girl who was not a JW and I think he would enjoy them.

Marvin: I have never been a JW but lost my wife to them (after 20+ years of marriage). I could use a little humor.

Matt: would really like to recieve your list of jw jokes. i also want to say that i think your site carries with it a great wealth of refreshing ideas and insite. so i thank you

Sheba: I wanted to cheer up my best friend from my old days in the jw prison, who now at last has left them too,when I clicked on my bookmark and saw your statement… I am so sorry to hear that you have received so much hate mail from jw – its a very “loving” sect indeed. I thought your jokes were hilarious and no way offensive – I would have laughed at them even in the past… And yes please send me your beautiful jokes – so that my dear friend can have a good laugh at her past.

Robin: Have just been to your website to check out the JW jokes. Seen that they have been removed because some people don’t have a sense of humour! Could you please email the jokes?

bzp: Please send me the joke database…I am a current JW but evidently I have an
advanced sense of humor, I’m not offended.

Bill: Would appreciate it very much if you could send this. Pity about the levels of abuse you’ve experienced. Some ex’s don’t find it easy moving forward, I’m afraid. We were in the organisation for nearly 40 years and after being out about 5 years are pretty much chilled out now….can’t think of anything that would particularly faze us, in fact.

Ben: I’d like to see your list of jokes. I have a friend who’s a JW. Strange, she talks so much about her beliefs and hardly knows the bible. She can quote random bits perfectly, but has only completely read “song of solomon”, a detail which I actually found encouraging. Anyway, loved your sight, and your cooling writing style, keep it up.

Ken: I’d love a copy of your JW jokes! “I’d rather have questions that I cannot answer than answers that I cannot question.”

Michelina: HI. . i don’t understand why some of the witnesses didn’t find the jokes funny. . I am a current Jehovah’s witness and i thought they were hilarious. . haha. . anyway. may i please have a copy of the jokes?

Kevin: I would like the jokes…I promise I will not offend anyone with them. “…Though justice be thy plea, consider this, that, in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation: we do pray for mercy; and that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy.” The Merchant of Venice

Brian: I visited your site again today, after not having been there in some time, and was disappointed to see the jokes had to be taken down. It’s understandable I suppose, given your explanation, but still unfortunate. I work in an office which is about 50% J.W., and while I am not one myself, I do enjoy working with them, even if I don’t agree with some of their principles. If the file of jokes is still available, I would like a copy if it is not too much trouble.

Neil: please would you send me the Witness humour pdf ? I’ve recently met a JW and would like some mild jokes … thanks

Jerry: I’ve been enjoying your website but would like to read the jokes you removed. I will not be offended by them and you won’t receive angry mail from me.

Sara: I’ve just been on your website to see your ex JW jokes, but see you have had to take them off. Some people have an operation to remove their humour I think- sorry they felt the need to complain to you! I’d love to read the jokes if you get the time to email me. I’m an ex JW in the UK by the way.

Dawn: This sounds like my type of humour!! Could you please forward me the PDF of the JW jokes? I am an EX JW…my parents were Christians until I was 8, then ‘became’ JW’s. I left on my own, or “disassociated” myself 10 years later. I’m still working on my parents…

IF: Can you please send me the jokes about JW. I was trying to tell them to my ex jw friends but i just remember a few. why would you take them out in the first place? they were so cool

Chris: Thanks so much. Even when I was active, I was always able to laugh at my (our) own silliness. Great to be liberated.

Addendum: The jokes page is back!! http://www.virushead.net/jwhumor.html


4 thoughts on “JW Chronicles – Requests for JW Jokes

  1. Can you send me the JW jokes. I was in a cult, Not the JW’s but comparable. it was called COBU and we were like “Hippy JW’s’ an offshoot of the jesus movement back in the 1970’s.

  2. I would like to receive a copy of the JW jokes. I can’t seem to find the pdf file for download.

  3. This site is the biggest load of nonsense i have ever heard, nice try though but its compltely fabricated

  4. Derick – A few actual examples of fabrication or nonsense might be helpful if you want to be taken seriously in your criticism. Are you referring simply to the jokes? If so, they are meant to be _humorous_. If you are referring to the entire site, that covers a lot of ground. Please be more specific.


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