Tori Amos Love

Tori Amos Love

Just a quick note to reaffirm my devotion to Tori Amos. I’ve been a fan since the very beginning, bridging over from Kate Bush. Her latest album The Beekeeper is fantastic! I got the special pre-release version of the CD that included a wee poster as well as the packet of flower seeds, and I’ve been listening to the music obsessively.

The song haunting me today is “Mother Revolution.”

And all along the Watchtower
the night horses and the black mares
ready themselves for the outcome
for the strange times upon us

But what you didn’t count on
was another Mother of
a Mother Revolution

you could’ve had me
you could’ve had me
you could’ve had me
Right there beside you

The DVD was mildly interesting, although not as smoothly produced as I was hoping. She could have said a lot more than she did about the sources of her inspirations and ideas flowing through the songs. Note to self: I have to remember to read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. This release comes with a full media blitz – and it’s about time!

The down side of that, though, is that the few remaining tickets for her stop in Atlanta on the Sinsuality tour April 4th are way way way too expensive ($200+ per ticket) Shoot – it would have been a great 41st birthday present. After all these years, I’ll miss seeing her this time.

My dear friend Nicolae met Tori not too long ago. His wife Michelle entered him in a contest with a story of one of their first conversations – in which Nicolae said he would like to be reincarnated as Tori’s piano bench. Hee hee. He even has a picture of the three of them together (posted at my main site under friends).

Several of Tori’s songs sang in me and through me – sometimes at rather loud volume – as I was working through religious and academic and love issues. Her latest batch adds a political resonance to her already-spiritual insight.

General joy it seems you need
A soldier girl –
And a willing coalition
By boat by tram by motorbus
Could it be the hawks are protecting us
From the men who have now assumed their name
–Tori Amos, “General Joy,” The Beekeeper


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