Watchtower Military Warfare

Watchtower Military Warfare

Watchtower Owns Warfare Technology

The Watchtower Society owns 50% stock in Rand Cam – so much for its pacifist claims and prohibitions on political involvement. Among their products is an engine used in smart bombs.

“On December 6, 2001 we announced that a U.S. Navy contract (SBIR No1-144) has been awarded to Advanced Ceramics Research (prime contractor) and REGI U.S., Inc. to build and test a Naval 0.5 horsepower ceramic engine. The proposed engine is a four stroke Rand Cam engine utilizing continuous injection and combustion in a single combustion chamber. The engine will be of all ceramic construction to permit high temperature operation, without cooling, to effectively burn heavy oil. This new motor will be developed for powering the U.S. Navy’s new Smart War-fighter Array of Re-configurable Modules (SWARM) low cost unmanned aerial vehicle. On April 4, 2002 we announced that we signed an agreement to grant a license to Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc. (“ACR”) for the Rand Cam based motors for 10 H.P. or less for the SBIR No 1-144 Navy Contract for the remote piloted applications. We agreed that a 5 year contract will also be granted to ACR for the Rand Cam concept motors for the commercial and military rights for the applications developed under the Navy contract for 10 H.P or less.”

Is this new? Not really. Here’s another example from the site, a report written to illustrate that although the Watchtower Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses condemn war or any such involvement in warfare, it was indeed one of their own devout ministers who was instrumental in the production of weapons of mass destruction specifically during WW2. Clarence Gilbert Taylor (JW) was founder of the (Taylorcraft) Corporation, and set up nine different companies in the mass production of warfare technology. In addition to the famous Taylorcrift Airplanes, just one of these companies – strangely called Gibson Refrigerator Company – contracted and manufactured the following:

1. Incendiary Bombs
2. Chemical Bombs
3. Chemical Bomb Clusters
4. Anti-Aircraft Guns
5. Navy Practice Bombs
6. Aircraft Parachute Flare Bombs
7. Bomb Shackles
8. Jettison Aircraft Fuel Tanks
9. Liberator Bomber Wing Flaps
10. Computer Parts for Large Caliber Anti-Aircraft Guns and Shipboard Guns
11. Engine Parts for Aircraft and Tanks
12. Bomb Housing Band Sets
13. Bomb Sight Lens Polishers
14. CG4A Bomber Gliders
15. Mustard Gas

There is extensive documentation at the site – and a claim (which I need to research for validity) that Dwight Eisenhower was brought up in the “Bible Students” – an early version of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Neutral in world affairs? Here’s just one more way they are not.


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  1. Regarding Dwight Eisenhower, yes his parents were “Bible Students.” So it says in a book I borrowed from a friend, an ex-JW. The book was titled, “Jehovah’s Witnesses -The New World Society” by Marley Cole, published by Vantage Press Inc.-120 West 31st Street, New York 1, NY Copyright, 1955. Printed in the USA, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 54-12633. So if you are researching, this is one source to start with if you can find the book. The appendix in the book is titled, “What Did the President’s Parents Believe?” pages 189 – 192. His parents names were David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Eisenhower. In march, 1942 his father died, and his mother continued to attend conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 1943, her attendence was publicized with a front page picture of her in the April 19 issue of the Wichita Beacon, so it says in the book. It also says, “She had become known among Jehovah’s witnesses in other countries as well as in the United States as ‘one in the work of announcing Jehovah’s kingdom,’ from house to house and on the streets, like any other dedicated witness of Jehovah. Such dedication she had publicly confessed in 1897 at her baptism.” The birth of their third son was David Dwight (now Dwight David-born at Denison, Texas, October 14, 1890.) The young Cadet Dwight D. Eisenhower attended the United States Military Academy, West Point where he was visited by his mother’s good friend Lotta Jessop Thayer. Shortly after Ida’s death in 1946, her youngest son, Milton Stover Eisenhower presented Lotta with Ida’s half century’s collection of the Watchtower magazines started in 1896 to commemorate her long unbroken friendship with David and Ida.

  2. blah! these bombs are out of date u know? their like nob. lawl. rolfcopter. u need some new technolgy that is soon to be avalibele

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