GreenZap – PayPal New Competitor?

I need the comments and opinions of all my readers on this one. Most of all, since I’m a skeptical sort and a bit of a geek, I want to hear your hard-line appraisal. If it all looks as good as I think it looks – I’d also appreciate your signups.

I’ve just signed up for the GreenZAP program that prelaunched on April 2 and will start June 15. It looks to me as though it could be a real competitor for PayPal.

It’s a completely different kind of setup. Rather than directly hooking into your bank account, it sets up an online account for you. It’s free and they give you $25 to join.

Receive a $25 gift simply for signing up for a free account.
Earn $5 for each person you refer to GreenZap
When you upgrade to a Gold account (i.e. transfer $100 into your account), GreenZap will reward you with more money for your referrals:
You’ll still receive the original $5 referral commission
Receive an additional $20 when your referral upgrades to a Gold account
Receive $10-$30 everytime someone who stems from you opens a Gold account like in the following example:
5 GreenZap Gold referrals = $5 for every member in your community
10 GreenZap Gold referrals = $10 for every member in your community
20 GreenZap Gold referrals = $20 for every member in your community
30 GreenZap Gold referrals = $30 for every member in your community

You can use the account to shop, but also to receive money or send money. I’ve been using Paypal for some time, and there are a few things I don’t like about it. This could be a real alternative. My question is, how do they make money on this? Ads? How could they afford to “seed” all those accounts?

I’ve always thought that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. But it does seem like a good idea. And I felt this way about Google, etc as well, so I can be wrong!

I’ve signed up – it’s free, after all. So meanwhile, before it opens, comments are welcome! If you want to join, here’s my signup link. You can get your own $25, and a link to refer other people. Since there is no cash output and no sensitive information requested to join, I don’t see any reason not to go at least that far. But I really want the lowdown fast before it opens so I can decide whether or not to get more involved.

Sign up for GreenZap Now
Sign up here to Zap green online.

And – if you know anything that would make it inadvisable to join – please comment!

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  1. G

    Ok, you wanted advice:

    GreenZap – ScamAlert, Beware:
    “Found to contain various hidden codes that are deciphered as malicious content and may open a portal to any private information you have stored on your hard drive which may include bank account information, credit card information. It appears to be a scam site… Stay Clear of them! Found within their site was 113 malicious codes and 89 instances of malicious spyware. There are no disclaimers on the site to let you know that.”

    So, If you really want to get into this kind of things (earning money on the net), the best one is studiotraffic. They have 140000 happy members, and i am one of them, i should add. Almost 3 years in business, and never fails to pay in time every month (I put the link to them above in the field for website). If you only want to replace paypal with a better online payment processor, then i’d recommend this one, it’s very well known since years and has a high commision which will be even better than greenzap claims to do (you get percent on the money they send with their account):

    Good luck, and best wishes!

  2. VirusHead

    OK, G – Your advice had a quote which advised the GreenZap has malware, etc. However, I have been unable to locate the source of that quote. I have also been to several of the standard scam sites to check and so far I haven’t found anything of the sort. If this is a reputable criticism, please post again with your source url.

    Also, your advice is undermined somewhat because you posted an advertisement for another program, complete with your affiliate links. I removed the affiliates id from your comment. My blog isn’t an appropriate place for your marketing efforts. I did leave your recommendation for StudioTrafic, just to be nice – although I don’t know whether or not it is a good offer.

  3. Romy Blystone

    I have checked with GreenZap’s management team and they explained the following:

    “We did research on the ‘malicious code’ issue and found that it was a members e-mail that caused those problems… not our front page. Meaning, a member wrote an e-mail describing GreenZap, and in that e-mail he/she used words that caused someones SpamBlocker to raise red flags.”

    That could be an honest mistake. However, it certainly smells of an attack on GreenZap! and its members, doesn’t it? Here’s the funny thing… how exactly would anyone have been able to find 113 malicious codes and 89 instances of malicious spyware when the site has been down? Again, that would support what I learned from corporate.

    Remember, when going after big companies with millions of members, all the crazies are going to come out… some with a legitimate gripe… more with something at stake for wanting to put you down… but even more are just plain weirdos, wackos, etc. who want to be responsible for causing a stir… just to see how far their post will be carried onto other people’s websites.

    Don’t worry… Be Zappy!”

  4. prence

    Hmm so there’s been quite a few people sticking up for this site but think about this..

    A. There is no privacy policy on the site. This means they can legally sell your name, address, e-mail addy to whoever the hell they please. This info goes for 5 bucks a pop to stupid spam hippies.

    B. No SSL cert on the site?

    C. Say a million people sign up, that’s 25 million they have to pay out AS A STARTUP COMPANY. Say half of that million had referred the other half. That’s another 5 million they have to pay out. So there’s 30 million before the company has even earned a dime?

    Anyways, just some things to think about :\

  5. Martin

    Complete clowns:

    [B]1) they r taking on PP trying to compete with them. Yet to register your domain they go to and hide behind a proxy?

    2) they choose the cheapest registration for their domain on saving 20-30 bucks, yet they r so generous giving 25 bucks to anyone who registers with them?[/B]

    Domain registered at hiding behind a proxy. ALL contact details are PRIVATE. Wud u trust your CC details to such a site?

    WHOIS Search Results for: GREENZAP.COM

    Registrant: Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States Registered through: ( Domain Name: GREENZAP.COM Created on: 09-Jan-05 Expires on: 09-Jan-11 Last Updated on: 02-Mar-05 [B]Administrative Contact: Private[/B], Registration Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States (480) 624-2599 [B]Technical Contact: Private[/B], Registration Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States (480) 624-2599 Domain servers in listed order: PARK19.SECURESERVER.NET PARK20.SECURESERVER.NET Registry Status: ACTIVE

    I may be wrong but NORMALLY such generosity smells of ONLY one thing – FRAUD.

    [B]I will PUBLICLY apologise to everyone here if I hear confirmations from THREE different ppl that they DID actually receive those 25 dollar cheques in the post, those cheques CLEARED and those ppl did not find their bank accounts CLEARED OUT right after that.[/B]

  6. Heidi

    They don’t send you a check. Greenzap works differently than PayPal – it’s more like an online bank account. You start with $25.

  7. Hassan

    Hm, your all wrong. GreenZap is not a scam. You only get the 25 dollars if you deposit 100 dollars into your account but if you signup under someones referral link the person that refers you get’s 5 dollars no matter what if they deposit money or not. So really people read the PDF file that they include. And thay are infact NOT a scam. I have talked to Itunes, and Yahoo Shopping they have been in agreement with GreenZap yet they won’t give any information out because of an agreement. You will find out more in May as it says on the bottom of the website. I do not join scams.

  8. Ken

    Not a scam?

    Then why do they operate out of a grocery store in La Jolla. Hardly what I would expect from the company that threatens to rival Paypal.

    Initially they hid behind a proxy server, now we know why!

    Why do they change their whois registration almost daily?
    First they display the same telephone number as Jet99 which is owned by Damon Westmoreland.

    Then they show a New York City number.
    ( All the above has been documented ).

    To get your $25 you have to deposit $100.
    So, if they turn out to be a scam outfit you will be $100 out of pocket.

    If you persuade others to join and make claims that are untrue you risk being sued.

    Don’t believe me, then go to the FTC website and read up on the law!

  9. Jason

    Ken, are you the same chap that lives in New Addington?


  10. fairplay

    GreenZap – How can a company could offer so much rewards.

    They had got 5 million visitors in 3 days!
    Grenzap says, anyone who opens a GreenZap account. It’s FREE, they’ll be rewarded, with $25 in their account, just for signing up. Also great offers great rewards for referring people.
    With GreenZap you can buy things online, transfer money throughout the world to anyone, receive money from anyone into this account and so on…
    It is said this is the highest paid in online. There is a wide talk in all forums, can really a company pay huge amounts for free to all and for referring.

    My question is, Though I had signed up, I would like to know how a company could offer so much rewards?


  11. nick hawkes

    hi i signed up with them and i am really worried reading about opening portals and gettin info off my harddrive,

    can this really be done?

  12. John

    Jason Says:

    April 20th, 2005 at 1:04 am
    Ken, are you the same chap that lives in New Addington?


    Now, who’s asking Jason or Alex?
    And Why?

  13. An eBayer

    Google the name Damon Westmoreland and you’ll find out about a man who has been involved with numerous failed MLM companies. DW is involved with Greenzap and that should automatically make Greenzap suspect. Now, crunch the numbers, if a million people sign up Greenzap will be 25 million in debt on day 1. If 10 million sign up that’s a quarter of a billion dollars. They say they have backers with deep pockets, but can you really believe that someone or some group is willing to risk that kind of money on an unproven concept? They claim they will charge a flat $1 per transaction. If the CC companies charge Greenzap $10 (1%) for a $1000 transaction how will they make up the difference?

  14. Brian Gross

    I found an interesting article about Damon Westmoreland and Caruba! Read below:

    The name Caruba is a melding of “California and Aruba”. Ivan Shew-a-tjon and his former partner, Damon Westmoreland are from Aruba and California, respectively, hence the name ‘Caruba’.

    Caruba’s Website –

    Originating as an off-shore financial services company, Caruba’s purpose was providing information and strategy in banking outside of the U.S. They have since broadened their services.

    Apparently, there was an issue Caruba with the state of Alaska. From what I found, one of Caruba’s distributors had created his own website, which had incorrect information. In speaking with the Alaska regulators, I found out that Caruba had resolved the issue with Alaska by having the distributor take the site down.

    I called Mr. Westmoreland to ask him a few questions regarding Caruba. Here was his response:

    “Although I am no longer actively involved, Caruba is still in business and going well. I left Caruba on good terms and what a lot of people don’t know is that I personally loaned the company a little over $100,000.00 to cover business expenses and commissions due to the members. To date, Caruba has not paid me back. From what I hear they are doing well, so hopefully one day, they will send me a check. Mr. Shew-a-tjon is a great guy and I’ve always wished him the best of success.”

    I asked him to provide evidence of his loan to Caruba. Attached below is a letter from Ivan Shew-a-tjon (president of Caruba), outlining the amount that I loaned Caruba, the reason why and when it was supposed to be paid back.


  15. ZapToday

    I just have to sit back in awe at the amout if misinormation that is surrounding Greenzap today.. it’s crazy. If you do yor homework, listen to the conference calls that have taken place (they’re all archived on the web), or take the time to find out the answers to questions on your own, instead of believe a few people on the internet that like to talk alot, i think you would come to the decision that Greenzap will certainly be a vialbe alternative to paypal.

    Jason Steen /

  16. An eBayer

    Damon was supposed to post a response to the allegations in the Greenzap forum yesterday but the forum was mysteriously shut down. Jason can you deny that a reasonable person would find that suspicious? Awfully convenient that “security updates” were needed at that exact time doncha think? I would encourage anyone interested in Greenzap to listen to an interview with Alex Sonkin, who is the President of a P.O. Box in a Ralph’s Supermarket in La Jolla ie Greenzap, on sunday on E Auction Air. at 9:00PM Central, the show will be archived, if you miss it you can download it later. Listen to the interview and make your own decision about the company. Isn’t that fair Jason?

  17. alvin

    there’s an informative site,, that’s tracking this whole greenzap fiasco…for me, i’m glad i googled around first before signing up!

  18. ZapToday

    The Greenzap scam site is only up to make money off the company, as if that isnt painfully obvious by the slur of google ads, and has been reported to Google. We have the community forums that are active, and have the answers to most of the questions being asked across the internet.

    Jason Steen /

  19. John

    The Greenzap scam site is only up to make money off the company, as if that isnt painfully obvious by the slur of google ads, and has been reported to Google. We have the community forums that are active, and have the answers to most of the questions being asked across the internet.

    No questions have been answered.
    And quite frankly I am sick of your Happy Zappy BS!

  20. John

    Jason, I am about to quit the internet but before I go I am going to suggest to all 5,000 of my subscribers that they join Greenzap under you.
    Under new FTC rules all 5,000 can sue you if you make false promises.
    Happy Happy, Lets Get Zappy!!!

    Watch out for a huge increase of new registrations.
    But be ready for a class action lawsuit if things don’t quite work out.
    Happy Zappy Class Action Lawsuits.

  21. greenzapisascam

    It’s finally revealed that Greenzap is owned by an individual by the name of Linda Murphy — Damon Westmoreland’s right hand person. She is involved with almost all of Damon’s many scamming sites. But we all know that it’s Damon who is pulling all the strings and is a true owner of Greenscam.

    Linda Murphy connected to Greenzap,Card Global, Mazumah Inc also known as Mazumah International.
    Ms Myo Walsh, connected to Mazumah
    Jeff Rogers, connected to most everything D.W. has been involved in.
    Michael Hawes, connected to Card Global.
    Ms Erica D’Angelo, connected to Card Global.
    Nick Hetcher, primary promoter of Greenzap.
    Michael Bernstein, connected to Greenzap
    Alex or Alexander Sonkin, connected to Greenzap
    Sarah Menke, connected to Greenzap

    Damon and his scamming thugs are back to do more scamming.

    Of course, you’ll never like this information from Jason, Nick, Romy, Sonkin, or Berstein.

    Of course, these people will never disclose above information in their press-releases or promotional material.

    All they do is mispleading people with the zappy postings. Isn’t this a crime?

    Now we truly know it’s Damon who owns Greenscam and he is hiding behind Linda Murphy.

  22. Roy Leazer

    As a former Mazumah member, maybe I can shed a little light on the $25 payment you might receive as a GreenZap member. When I went into the back office of the Mazumah site, I found that the money was not mine to use as I pleased, it was actually (five) $5 incentive payments to be sent out in email invites to potential downline. I really don’t think it would cost them anything to do it this way, since I couldn’t use the money to buy anything and it expired if I couldn’t get any signups. This might be entirely different. Actually, I might have remained with Mazumah if they had had anything remotely related to tech support. Couldn’t get a d*mn email through to ask a question.

  23. fred

    Really believe people will be pleasantly surprised. Great concept, proven winner. Can’t lose , just go to greenzap

  24. Administrator

    Hey folks! I am not going to advertise your promo code in the comments of my own blog entry. I have deleted where you tried to do that with embedded links in your comments – so tacky! Ick!

    It has been very interesting to see the debate here. I admit, I am still not sure whether or not it is a viable alternative to PayPal, but so far it hasn’t cost me anything and I’m curious now to find out.

    The program has a big enough profile now that if there were a serious problem I am assuming that authorities would shut them down.

    So …. I’m just waiting to see how it all works out.

  25. An eBayer

    >>The program has a big enough profile now that if there were a serious problem I am assuming that authorities would shut them down.

  26. An eBayer

    They didn’t shut down Enron or Worldcom until it was too late.

  27. Aussie Rob

    The registrar for Greenzap’s website is the same as for Studio Traffic. Studio Traffic has been around for 2 1/2 years. They are the largest auto-surfing site on the internet. This registration has been used as one of the reasons that Greenzap is a scam. It may be a scam, however I suspect opposition forces are spreading rumours to bring Greenzap down before it starts. If the promoter is a known scam artist why is he not in jail? His address is published on the internet in multiple posts. He apparently lives in San Diego. I could not find any reference to convictions although he has been around for a number of years in various other businesses. I would be hiding my details too if I started an internet business in fear of the know-alls and crazys out there who make all sorts of accusations without logical results to show for it.

  28. Olga

    It’s new program is very necessary and interesting.This program have many opportunities and it have good future.It’S very easier in useing.

  29. Vinichyk Olga Vladimirovna

    It’s very necessary and good system

  30. Aussie Bob

    After initially giving Greenzap the benefit of the doubt, and supporting them by signing up and signing up a number of affiliates I have now make the following notes after reading the Greenzap User Agreement:
    Greenzap scammed me!

    I pre-registered in the belief that I was being rewarded with $25 for joining and $5 for everyone I joined up. The currency of these rewards was specified as money.

    It turns out that the rewards are not money but are something named ‘webcash’. Webcash is a Greenzap internal currency the equivalent to ‘reward points’ and has no value outside the Greenzap site.

    Greenzap claims to be a worldwide payment processor. I am in Australia. After reading the user agreement I found that all payments are made in US dollars. To convert US dollars in Australia to Australian dollars it will cost me a minimum of $25 plus the Greenzap fee.

    To become a Greenzap Gold Member and take advantage of the rewards offered you have to deposit $100 money in your Greenzap account. This is instantly converted to valueless webcash.

    This is a classical pyramid scheme. The product in this case is webcash. They have not bothered to put in place the facilities to make this a genuine worldwide online payment processor that the promoters claim it is. All they are interested in is getting people to part with $100 so that those people will be motivated to get others to part with $100 and so on.

    Most Ebay sales are less than $50. The cost of using Greenzap to receive money is dearer than PayPal up to at least $50. If you happen to be outside the US the cost of using Greenzap will be far dearer than PayPal. It is obvious to me that very little work has gone into the online payment processor side of things. Their primary focus has been on the affiliate pyramid scheme side of things.

    This company cannot survive. The scam is so obvious that the authorities should close it down quickly to avoid people being scammed further. Even if they escape regulator attention through a loophole in the law, how many people will part with $100 to have it instantly made valueless?

  31. ponchito

    You’ll get worthless webcash that will ciculate in cyberspace for eternity.

    If you give Greenzap $100 of your hard earned money, Greenzap will credit your account $100 of worhtless webcash that can never ever be withdrawn.

    In other words, Greenzap takes your $100 and spend at will and you’ll get stuck with $100 of worthless webcash and you can never ever withdraw this webcash. No one can.

    If 1000 zappers wire $100 each to Greenzap, Greenzap will have scammed $100,000 from its upgraded members, and these upgraded members will have put $100,000 of worthless webcash that will be circulating in cyberspace for eternity. These upgraded members will never see their $100’s ever again.

    It’s a brilliant scam!

  32. richard stewart

    $100 webcash can be sepnt in their affiliated on line stores — amazon etc… or am i missing something?

  33. Aussie Bob

    It is now 2 days after the ‘final’ launch date. There are still no stores signed up. They have extended the deadline to pay $100 to go Gold till the end of June. Obviously they over estimated the gullibilty of people to part with $100 to be instantly converted to worthless webcash.

    The BBB in San Diego is having mail returned from their official mailing address unopened.

    This has been a very badly executed scam. It’s a pity because we really do nee a decent alternative to PayPal.

  34. Mr Unreal

    You would have to be really naive to think that any company associated with the name Damon Westmoreland is legit. All you have to do is search around on the net and you’ll find his name everywhere. He and his loyal following mearly pawn this off as “competition” trying to smear his “good name”. I don’t see anyone attacking Bill Gates for his success! I have experienced Mr. Westmoreland’s scams – and – both of which members have been manipulated (including myself) into giving this guy millions only to find themselves left in the cold. If you wish to speak Damon Westmoreland, please contact him at XXXXXXXX. This is the number he gave me in an email – good luck contacting him!

    Response: Thanks for your comment, Mr. Unreal – had to edit out the phone number you offered, sorry.

  35. nick

    If all of you want to do something about Damon Westmoreland give the info you have to the N.Y. stock exchange and tell them your story,Damon Westmoreland is now ceo of Greenzap and on the stock market.Also talk with the D.A. in San Diego, Calif.The more that complain and have proof of his dealings will get him closer to court charges…..

  36. Chris

    Alex Sonkin used to live in Chicago. He was a self promoting conman. At first he was known around town as COO then VP of V-Tek Capital, a wanna be hedge fund in Chicago. He cooked the books and now that company is facing fraud charges for things Alex did while working there. He teamed up with another conman Louis Petrossi out of SanFran. They both worked at The MoneyShow out of Vegas doing the dog and pony scamming millions out of poor mom and pops. Later, he went to promote Traveloggia, another scam MLM gig. IMHO, Damon and Alex sound like they are made for each other!!!

  37. VirusHead

    Ok – so here’s the scoop. I haven’t been able to use my so-called Greenzap money. It appears to be a negotiated discount with some online retailers – i.e., a coupon. That’s the best-case scenario.

    I’m out.

  38. What ajoke

    Its not even a coupon, its a rebate that comes in 6-8 weeks.

    But here is the fun part – you have to get at least 5.01 to get the rebate… And since most “Merchants” only offer up to 5% (Unless you want ink jet refills, or a satalite dish), you have to spend over $100 to get the rebate.

    But wait there is more- well its a rebate – so you have to spend the full amount up-front. Then 6-8 weeks later they process your request. Then since they only pay out once a month – you wait a few weeks more they will credit your account.

    But wait – even more – once they credit your account – you want to use the money right? Well unfortunatly, none of the merchants listed actually accept greenzap as a payment method.

    You have to request a check – then wait another month to get the check. Take it to the bank and wait for it to clear…..

    Oh but wait guess what – even more – Think they will cut you a check for free? – You actually have to pay them to send you the check.

    Maybe if there was anyone out there that was took greenzap as a payment method – but no one does…… why would you want money in an account that couldn’t be used anywhere.

    How long would it take to actually be able to spend your rebate?
    6-8 weeks to get the rebate
    2 weeks more to be credited (only once a month)
    request a check
    2-3 weeks to get the check
    1 week for the check to clear.

    11-14 weeks? Thats what about 3 months for your check? Hours spent checking and processing the order? All for a few percet off?

  39. VirusHead (Post author)

    Thanks for all the lively and informative comments!

    I hadn’t even realized that it was in the top ten most-commented posts.


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