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Jehovah’s Witness Jokes

Back by popular demand – the newly-edited, modifed, and updated Jehovah’s Witness humor page! This was the only collection of JW jokes on the internet, and even if there are others now, it is certainly the first.

I had taken it down for a while because of all the vicious hate mail I was receiving. However, I think it is still a valuable early step for former JWs to be able to get some measure of amusement and distance, and this is a good tool for that. In every joke, there is a grain of truth and an exaggeration – so those with a sense of humor will enjoy it.

I have been emailing the pdf version to about 50 people a month, and I really don’t have time to do that anymore. So, I have simply emphasized that my privacy policy states that I may publish your comments at my discretion – although I do protect privacy by not listing last names, email addresses and the like. If you wish to display your true colors, so be it.

If you would like to see my serious writing on the Witnesses, the best place to start is my advice page – from which there are links to a recommended books page, a list of other online resources, JW news, and so on. Also, you may notice that I have a JW-related category on this blog (see the right-hand column to get the current listing).

Enjoy the jokes!

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