Political Christianity Rant

Political Christianity Rant

Who was your god talking to
when he created in “our image”?
Why is the name writ plural from the start?

You say that there is only one god,
One god and there is no other.
The commandment merely states
you must worship no other god –
not before god YHWH.
And this manifestation was given to those
who did magic on top of the mountains.

You say that you’re a monotheist
but you believe in Jupiter-Mars
with Osirus for dessert.
Do we worship i-am first
(or with top-level speed),
and then move on to his children,
his cousins, his friends, and his lovers?

Where at this time is Apollo?
Where are the bodies of the fractal gods,
And what have you done to my mother?

Never mind for now the ring around
the rose of the incorporated chart,
we’ll circle here and all fall down
around the father son and ghost,
but what I want to know is
all about God’s angels.

Not human souls, but avengers,
messengers and spies, with
lofty principalities now forgotten.
Who was inquisitor golden?
Who was the writer of the secret scrolls?
Who let loose all the plagues and the pests?
Who was director of intelligence?

Tell all about strange seraphim
and cherabim,
and cyberabim unfurled,
One so frightening says “do not fear”
ethereal insemination
(this star-mare is slave hand-maiden),
but others pass for men, speaking
to women, who shelter them
until the walls come down again.

We read them as benevolent
— these shiny bureaucrats —
who embody only functions,
the shapes of thought that bring us plagues
and war and death, destruction.

The director, this vengeful warrior
needs to grow up, and stop punishing you
for failing to meet his impossible goals.
Your god makes you schizo
with constant double messages.
Really – isn’t he just a mirror
Of your own pathologies?

Your savior resurrects you one day
as a zombie to frighten away
your nonexistent children of the future.
From sheol, from hades, the liminal worlds
you retain the lake of fire,
the hell you create in your own world
rides faster than a blue-turbaned fool
on a donkey. You believe that your sins
will all tumble away if you only
have faith and forgive,
but your faith resides more
with the rapists and killers
You sheeple hold on to your fears.

Who among you believes
this old news of a kingdom is good?
You’re willing to bring on apocalypse now
trusting lord to clean up for the steward?

You seem only to be able to define
goodness as membership
in your meaningless community,
formed and bounded by
collective hatred of any outsider,
and especially the outsider within.
Wasn’t that Lucifer’s mistake?
Your devil remade in red horns and tail
for fear and conversion and control.
Who does your devil look like now?

He, always he, longs for wild days as Pan.
Pipes playing, hooves dancing,
and wine you’ve turned into
the blood of the innocent again.
You lack the compassion to
even feel awkward, while sucking it
down for your network connection.

Like you, your sa-tan, the liar, the adversary
was part of the system, he took
time out from walking about, to manipulate
your god to Job’s torture.
And when prophets arise as they usually do
to challenge and ask for account,
the right sinks in might and devious masks
and power thus speaks on to truth.

You would kill your messiah again yet today
between terror and patriot acts,
You would never even know what it cost you.
Unmoved and unbought by the greediest leaven
then no-one will ever select you.
If they can’t implicate you in circular games,
they can always just make you look guilty.

I have no doubt that Jesus would think
our passal of leaders were jerks,
but here is what will surprise you:
He would not look upon you
as anything more than the
same old usury-changers,
squat in temple’s dark corners
while God’s God looks on
and this “big” God looks on you and through you.

Remember ‘fore signing your name to the scroll,
your choices are what will create you.
“Repent” simply means take a hard look inside,
take a chance to turn back around now
It’s still not too late, but the longer it takes
the more will die from your blindness.

If you would be of faithful and loving and kind
Wake up now before you lose the moment
More bloodguilt continues to deepen the stain
Your own hands will never release you.

(Major revision of “Christianity Rant,” written June 3, 2004)


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