Another Lovely JW “Elder”

Another Lovely JW “Elder”

Have You Seen My Mother

It was the mid 60’s when Bryan, at age two, was abducted by his father. Bryan was, stealthily, spirited away and taken from Town to Town by his father, keeping their whereabouts unknown. His mother, at nineteen and heartbroken, felt powerless.

Raised a Jehovah’s Witness by his father, who was an Elder for decades, Bryan was taught at a very young age that his mother was demonized and that she had been physically abusive to him as a baby. As the years went on and Bryan grew older, several times he asked his father for information to contact his mother; his father always shrugged his shoulders. Then at age eighteen, Bryan inquires once again of his mother, only to be told, by his father, that she had overdosed on drugs and died in a mental institution.

After thirty-years, Bryan, faithful to his natural urges, finally discovered his mother. Though it was not the reunion he had hoped for.

Once finding his mother, Bryan embarked on a difficult, heartwrenching journey of discovery; research at libraries and courthouses across the country as well as speaking to family members he had not seen in forty years, has brought to the surface, the ugly truth of the deception wielded by his father, for so many years, in the name of God. Bryan offers his, and his mother’s, bittersweet story in his new book, Have You Seen My Mother”.

“This is the Doomsday Cult which influenced my mother’s family, as well as my father’s. Angie Leslie (Poindexter) Turner, my mother’s grandmother, was a Jehovah’s Witness and informed my father where he could find me and my mother, leading to my final abduction. She did this because my mother was excommunicated from the organization and therefore considered dead in the eyes of God.”

The book will be available in November.


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  1. Vi Baby:

    Tomorrow’s (8/14/2005) NY Times Magazine has a piece by a proud JW apostate… You should be able to access it online tomorrow. In the Magazine section. Turn of Faith by Joy Castro. Or on p. 62 of the magazine. It’s an essay adapted from the author’s upcoming memoir titled The Truth Book, due out next month.


    Mr. H.K.
    Postcards from Hell’s Kitchen
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  2. What a tragic story. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have been manipulated and lied to like that. He must’ve sensed that there was something not quite right about the story to have gone to such great lengths to uncover the truth. It sounds like it is going to be an amazing book!

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