JWs in the News – Haunted Restaurant

JWs in the News – Haunted Restaurant

AP Wire | 09/08/2005 | Landlord sues restaurateurs who say building is haunted

Hope there weren’t any demonic Smurfs about!

The owners of a Japanese restaurant who claim their newly renovated building is haunted are being sued by their landlord for refusing to move in.

Christopher and Yoko Chung, the owners of Amura Japanese Restaurant, had planned to move into the building in October 2004, but backed out of the lease.

Franklin said Christopher Chung’s religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness required him to “avoid encountering or having any association with spirits or demons.”

The lawsuit also asks a judge to decide whether the building is haunted and, if so, whether the ghosts would interfere with the restaurant’s business.


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