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This week, the House of Representatives will vote on a Republican amendment to the budget proposal calling for $50 billion in cuts to vital services like Medicaid, food stamps, and student loans, while handing out $70 billion in tax cuts – largely for the wealthy.

No Unjust Cuts – Our Future.org – Reject multi-billion dollar budget cuts to vital human services, and put the needs of Katrina survivors and ordinary Americans ahead of tax giveaways to millionaires.

Write a short personal note to oppose the Robin Hood Budget Cuts at MoveOn.org.

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  1. These welfare-hating Goppers, who despise even the mention of any form of “socialism,” have no problem with the El Shrubbo del Estupido transfers of wealth from those who can’t afford it to those who have too much to count.

    Conservatism in this country is dead, and the term itself is a joke when we look at the acknowledged leader of “conservatism” in the United States.

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