JW Arsonist

JW Arsonist

Church arson suspect sought – gainesvilletimes.com

Two minor local fires were set in Kingdom Halls early Monday morning. At least one of the Kingdom Halls was burglarized.

I’m not terribly surprised that the suspect is the son of JWs. He has poured some kind of “flammable liquid” through the entrance and into the “sanctuary,” by which they must mean down the main center aisle. The ugly flame-retardent carpeting probably saved the place. At this point, the sheriff describes it as a “revenge act.”

He attended both Kingdom Halls – just lately he had been attending his parents congregation despite his “tenuous” relationship with them.

In the last two weeks, however, the man’s increasingly strange behavior had church members “suspicious about his state of mind,” Paxton said.

The suspect left “unusual” phone messages with his parents and other church members, the sheriff said.

I hope they find him soon, and that no-one gets hurt. If there are any Georgia JW’s reading this – please cooperate with the police. Please overcome your reluctance to assist worldly authorities. Looking at the pattern I’ve been seeing for the last several years, I would say that this young man could be a danger to himself and others – and particularly to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He is a Kennesaw man in his mid-20s, a self-employed tree cutter. It looks like he had been attending the Acworth congregation until recently. His parents attend the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Doc Bramblett Road in Cumming. If you have any information that might help the police, please contact the Cobb or Forsyth County Police Department.


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