Scrooge Budget

Scrooge Budget

What a Christmas gift (sarcasm dripping…). Robin Hood in Reverse

This morning, the Senate passed a budget hurting low-income families just four days before Christmas. It included cuts to health care, child support, and educational assistance to low-income families while further lowering taxes for the wealthiest Americans and increasing the deficit for the next generations.

The vote was so narrow that Vice President Cheney cut short a diplomatic trip to the Middle East to break a 50-50 tie.

The bill has been amended to remove some of its more harmful provisions. The House must now approve the Senate’s version and could vote as early as Thursday, or as late as February. We have one last chance to reject these harmful cuts to children and struggling families.

Please call Your House Representative and ask him/her to vote no.


2 thoughts on “Scrooge Budget

  1. This is typical Western Country: So they like public services? Okay, let’s close down the service and put up the taxes…

    I really don’t know what is worse: to being poor in poor country where no one care, or being poor in a rich country and the people who should care don’t.

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