A Question to the Religious Right

A Question to the Religious Right

A question to the so-called “religious right” who want to abolish separation of church and state altogether:

How would you feel if the religion expressed on the national stage were some equally skewed version of Islam, or Wicca, or … ( – insert your personal choice for “least appealing religious path” here – for me it’s Jehovah’s Witnesses), rather than this particular view of Christianity?

What if they found some “wedge issues” and became the majority in Congress?
What if they rallied their base to write laws, and control the media, and spy on you, and limit your choices and your freedoms?

Would you still think separation of church and state was a bad thing?

Don’t you understand even now that that your freedom of religion is dependent on the state and church being separate?

How can something so fundamental to your own success be so maligned?

Tyranny of religion was opposed by the colonies, and then by the country. A glance through any history book (or newspaper) will give ample evidence of some of the reasons why.


2 thoughts on “A Question to the Religious Right

  1. THANK YOU!!! Someone is finally speaking my language. Well.. mine and Ayndes and Caras and anybody else who is PAYING ATTENTION.

  2. NICE, I love it, logic in the face of religious tyranny. My personal beiefs are mine to practice as i please. I am NOT christian, nor am I muslim. I am a secular humanist, and I have no desire to be told what to belive or have my moral regulated by someone who believes i am immoral!

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