Internet Freedom Preservation

Internet Freedom Preservation

I just signed on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, an important bill designed to keep the Internet open and free.

Today, the Internet is an open marketplace of ideas where anyone can join in. With traditional media, like TV, radio, or newspapers, it’s been difficult for average citizens to have a voice. But now, new technology is giving a wide variety of citizens the voice to speak out — anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can set up a website that’s just as accessible as those owned by a large media conglomerate. The result has been an incredible diversity of new sources of information and opinion.

Now, this open architecture that makes the Internet so powerful is being questioned. Some argue that it would be better for companies to give certain traffic on the Internet — content that they are paid to deliver faster — higher priority.

But this kind of preferential treatment could make it harder for individual voices to be heard.

Please join me in protecting Net Neutrality by signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act at


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  1. Well it appears that I’m not eligible to participate in the campaign. I guess that has something to do with me being Canadian. I did read up on it at Thanks for blogging about this.

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