Jehovah’s Witness Bethelite Videotaped Boys at O’Hare

Jehovah’s Witness Bethelite Videotaped Boys at O’Hare

Man Allegedly Taped Boys Using O’Hare Rest Rooms
From Steve Miller, Chicago, WBBM Newsradio 780/CBS 2

WBBM Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports the man accused is Jesus Manuel Cano and is 50 years old. A Jehovah’s Witness minister, say police in Middletown, New York. Cano is in jail in New York. He is charged as a pedophile there.

Middletown Police Detective Sergeant Jerry Mishk says investigators have seized four computers from Cano’s home – at a Jehovah’s Witness farm.

Cano had a video recording labeled “O’Hare” that allegedly included images of children in public bathrooms, Mishk said. And Mishk says Cano had a videotape that apparently was shot inside O’Hare rest rooms.

CBS 2 reports Middletown police say Cano allegedly used his own video camera to take images of himself in the nude and then print them with his phone number in hopes of luring young boys for sex.

Police say the first alleged incident took place on June 17 when Cano allegedly called an 11-year-old victim to his car to give him a naked picture of himself. Police say Cano then asked the child to meet him at another location for sex.

One week later, another alleged incident took place, but the victim’s parents called police.

Police say they found beer, condoms and an ointment of some sort inside Cano’s blue Nissan. Inside, they also found an alleged trail of perversion stretching from Chicago all the way to the Caribbean.

Police say photos of an unidentified teen in sexual positions were discovered, along with videotape that police say Cano shot at O’Hare Airport as he followed boys and men into the bathroom with a hidden camera to tape them as they used urinals. Cano allegedly targeted six or seven bathrooms for six or seven hours at a time.

When arrested, police found a church identification card on Cano. The church confirms his position as a minister, but had no further comment.

See the Silent Lambs website for more details on the Cano case.

Video Report from WCBS-TV New York


3 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witness Bethelite Videotaped Boys at O’Hare

  1. Danny Haszard says,this time they couldn’t exploit their “two witness” rule shield the perp subterfuge with the cops!

    Hey,couldn’t you tell the cops to “just wait on jehovah” like you do the child rape victims?

  2. No he couldn’t, to wait on Jehovah means to let Jehovah be the ultimate guide. If he had, then this would of never happened. Jehovah is holy, and ones that attempt to wait on him attempt to imitate him. If Cano waited on Jehovah, none of this would of taken place. No J.W. is perfect but most try to live up to the standards of the word of Jehovah

  3. Obviously, except for one thing. It’s usually the victims who are told by the elders to wait on Jehovah. By your argument, wouldn’t they be justified in righteous anger? (You don’t call on the Son here, but the Father.)

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