German Jehovah’s Witness Accused of Distributing Child Pornography

German Jehovah’s Witness Accused of Distributing Child Pornography

Courtesy of Silent Lambs, here is another Jehovah’s Witness in the news. Seeing the themes yet?

31 Hamburger unter Kinderporno-Verdacht

31 people from Hamburg/Germany accused of possessing child porn
Police came in the early dawn. At 6 am officers rang the bell at 31 apartments in Hamburg.
Author: Andr Zand-Vakili

The men – among them a Jehovah’s Witness, a social worker and a former soldier – are accused of possession and distribution of child porn. The Police confiscated dozens of computers and several thousand CD-ROMs. It was a shock not only for the suspects but also for their relatives. “Family members that were in the apartments during the investigations were unsuspecting.” The wife of a Jehovah’s Witness was totally stunned” says a policeman. All in all, the police seized 50 computers and laptops and more than 3,000 data media. They also found 21 hemp plants in the apartment of one suspected. …

It will take several weeks to examine the confiscated data media. Police use a special application to scan the hard drives and recognizes many child porn images with an electronic signature. However, the files have to be checked by agents. Police says that all suspected persons communicated in a chat room and exchanged child porn. “You had to click on a certain link. It is not very likely that someone accidentally surfed there.”

Investigations have been going for a year now. The local police got information from colleagues that were dealing with another case. There are more suspects in the rest of Germany. “We have to investigate if one of the men produced child porn. But there are no specific hints so far.”


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