Blogflux and Incredimail – Thanks so very, very much

Blogflux and Incredimail – Thanks so very, very much

I am grateful to Blogflux and Incredimail. Bless yer hearts, it’s always a pleasure to work on my anger management skills. But seriously, so not nice of you.

Blogflux: Once again, when I tried to update the image you had at BlogFlux for my blog, you deleted my blog altogether. I have been listed at BlogFlux for a couple of years. I only update the information about twice a year, but whenever I do, you delete my blog for reasons unknown and send me a terse email saying that my blog has not been accepted into the directory. Each time I have had to write to ask why, at which point I have to fill out the whole application again, and the blog is eventually reinstated. Until next time.

If you want to reject my blog, would you mind telling me why? I have read your terms, and I can’t see any way in which my site violates them.
If, on the other hand, you want to accept my blog, would you please stop rejecting it? This is very inconvenient.

Every time you delete my blog I lose my subscriptions. The last time it happened, I gave up and started a new subscription service at Feedblitz – not only because of the abovementioned annoyance factor, but also because my WordPress blog seemed to have an occasional feed problem with your site that stopped the subsciptions. Of course, I have had no problems with any other service. I can vouch for Feedblitz.

However, I have still been listed in the BlogFlux web directory, and I have still linked to BlogFlux until now. You’ve had a permanent link on my site for a couple of years now. My request for a response on this issue has gone unanswered, so um, I’m taking down the link.

Incredimail: My understanding was that my purchase of your email program was a one-time thing. I was so surprised when I received your notice today that you have gone ahead and charged me for another year of JunkFilter membership at the price of $39.95. Thanks so much for not checking with me first.

I can tell you really care about your customers and that you are glad to have me continue to be “a part of the Incredimail community.” You say that “as a valued IncrediMail customer” my “IncrediMail experience” is very important to you. What a nice touch that the price for a one-year subscription to the Junk Mail filter is more than your current price ($29.95) for the Incredimail Premium package.

A wee customer satisfaction suggestion: If you did a customer survey of the community, you might find that many of us who like to use email stationary and image enclosures in the body of an email are nonetheless playing our checking accounts rather close to the bone during these difficult times. If you are really very concerned about your community, you might do us the courtesy of asking us about the timing and desirability of such a charge before going ahead with it. I am so very grateful that this particular charge didn’t cause me to bounce any checks, because the fee for doing so is extremely hefty and I have just authorized payment on my bills for mid-month. Thank you too for not responding to my email. I just love a close community.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The thing about the web? Transparency, baby.

(Sarcasm. Kvetch. Boo-hisssss. Yeah, yeah, same old same old.)


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