Napa JWs Destroying Evidence? Take Action!

Napa JWs Destroying Evidence? Take Action!

As expected…. records being destroyed.

Please circulate to any Jehovah’s Witnesses that you might know.

The alert is to JW “men of conscience,” but women know things, too, even if they are kept out of leadership roles.

JW women, protect your children and take action now. You know in your heart that this is wrong.

Silentlambs ALERT!

A cry for help to all men of conscience in the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The recent court rulings in NAPA California have given authorities the right to access congregation judicial files that contain any information that provides evidence of the crime of child abuse. Yesterday silentlambs received a report from California. A Jehovah’s Witness on the internet revealed that “the elders in their family were very angry as they believed their religious rights were being taken away.” They also went on to reveal “the elders were destroying the records in the NAPA Congregations” to stop the judicial system from accessing material that might further convict Jehovah’s Witness child molesters.

This is something that silentlambs feels is a very real threat and possibly happening as we speak. The comment above suggests that elders in California are committing criminal acts to protect child molesters. It is defined as obstruction of justice to destroy evidence of criminal behavior. This is verified by the directives in the 1989 body of elder letter that states;

“The legal consequences of a breach of confidentiality by the elders can be substantial. If the elders fail to follow the Society’s direction carefully in handling confidential matters, such mistakes could result in successful litigation by those offended. Substantial monetary damages could be assessed against the elders or congregation. In some cases where the authorities are involved, certain complications could lead to a fine or imprisonment. These possibilities underscore the need for elders to be discerning and to follow carefully directions provided by the Society.”

“At any time an elder is confronted with a search warrant (whether given advance notice or not) , the elder should first ask to read the warrant. After reading it he should ask if he can call for legal guidance and then call the Society’s Legal Department. If for some reason the Legal Department cannot be contacted, the elders involved should make every effort to obtain the assistance of a local attorney for the purpose of protecting the confidentiality of the records. It may be impossible to stop determined officers from conducting the search authorized by the warrant. Conscientious elders will want to do all they reasonably and peaceably can to preserve the confidentiality of the congregation in harmony with the principle set out in Acts 5:29. “

“Subpoenas may be issued by a court or in some cases by a governmental agency or an attorney. If an elder receives a subpoena, he should contact the Society’s Legal Department immediately. Never turn over records, notes, documents, or reveal any confidential matter sought by subpoena without receiving direction from the Legal

Read the letter in its entirety.

As you will note from the above directives elders are advised to not cooperate with legal authorities but instead act at the direction of the Legal Department. What does the Legal Department advise? Note the comment made in a 01/01/01 letter to all Bodies of Elders in the United Kingdom when the government attempted to access judicial files;

“Between March and August 2000 circuit overseers discussed with bodies of elders how to bring personal and congregation files in line with the Data Protection Act. By now you should have followed all the instructions contained in the “Checklist for Complying With the Data Protection Act”. This involved the destruction of most judicial records, minutes and agendas of elders’ meetings that contained personal information, letters of introduction, correspondence relating to individuals, and so forth.”

Read this letter

If the judicial files had of been retained it could have provided the written evidence for legal and criminal actions for authorities to act upon. This letter exploited a legal loop hole to prevent that from happening. The evidence shows that the Jehovah’s Witnesses Legal Department will go to any deception to protect the Watchtower Corporation and use local congregation elders to accomplish their dirty work.

We greatly appreciate the help of certain courageous elders. For example, the murder letter was sent by one brave former elder, the 4-25-01 Body of Elder media letter by another elder who wanted to help, the British Body of Elder letter cited above by another gutsy elder was moved to let everyone know. These persons were moved to do something and it has been of great assistance. With the events unfolding above we need this assistance once again.

This matter is not about our stand; it is about what is right. Victims have spilled their guts to make this known, men in high places that have sympathy for this issue need to assist.

It will not change from within, if you want to make a difference you have to stand up for what is right. This is it, the time is now, if you think you need to wait on Jehovah, how do you not know this is an effort guided by Jehovah that will succeed?

When Jehu looked up at the window and asked, “Who is with me?” Those men in “high places” had to make a choice. They had to either do what they knew in their hearts was right or they could have waited on Jehovah. Sometimes you have to grab evil and throw it out the window. While we claim no special dispensation, silentlambs stands before you now and says, “Who is with us?”

You men in high places have a choice to make. Support misguided people or stand up for the children. We ask no one to leave Jehovah but instead, to do what you know is right. If you have the power to make a difference and you choose to wait, can you in good conscience do this knowing that a child might suffer due to “waiting on Jehovah?”

If you can assist, email silentlambs, at or attorneys Love and Norris at Let’s talk – we will protect your confidentiality as we have done many times before. Let’s see if together we can do something meaningful to resolve this matter. We need any written letter or directive that might indicate the destruction of records as well as any verbal instruction from any Legal Department representative or authority in the organization. Regarding any type of verbal instructions, try to get a voice recording or transcription and include time, place and the names of all parties present, to provide evidence of obstruction of justice.

We ask each man of conscience to think about what you do from this day forward, you can make a difference and help the needed changes come quickly to protect children. We have spoken from our heart now what does your heart move you to do?

Will you help the silent lambs?


5 thoughts on “Napa JWs Destroying Evidence? Take Action!

  1. “A Jehovah’s Witness on the internet” revealed this? That sounds like a credible source. No wonder you hate the JW’s….you’re gullible and looking for a fight.

  2. Are people you interact with gullible, full of hate and looking for a fight – all at the same moment? What interesting friends you must have. Do you call them brothers and sisters? It’s interesting that you are so bold as to insult me on my blog, but not quite courageous enough to identify yourself. Are you reading just that little too much of the book of Daniel? Is your “email address” of supposed to represent some kind of little code, or is it just random picking? Perhaps this topic offends you in some more personal way? It’s sad that you would rather lash out at those who call for justice than for those who have victimized others.

    My own experience suggests that JW leadership and legal teams are perfectly capable of and willing to lie, hide, and destroy evidence when facing a slam to their credibility. They have millions of people working for them for free and believing that the gang in New York is actually “God’s channel.” To protect themselves from “persecution,” this group regularly employs what they call the “theocratic strategy” of withholding information and lying to “worldly authorities” of “Satan’s system of things.”

    JWs on the internet have helped to provide information and hope for justice before, when their conscience spoke. That’s why the email address for legal counsel is given. The identities of such current Jehovah’s Witnesses with conscience are not going to be distributed – for obvious reasons. I have no reason to distrust the Silent Lambs, who have stood up in court to defend some of the victims that the JW leadership ignores. No, I couldn’t judge whether or not records are actually being destroyed, but if Silent Lambs send out an alert, they have good reason to do so. Whether obstruction of justice or destruction of evidence has happened will be found out in time. I think it’s a credible high-risk, given their previous policies on such matters. It does no harm to ask for information or appeal to a higher sense of conscience among those JWs who really do seek the truth and to please their God (one must assume for sanity’s sake that such a God does not approve of abuse, rape, or child molestation, yes?)

    When the leadership hides known child molesters and other abusers, when they allow other children and second wives and others to be put into dangerous (and sometimes even deadly) situations, when they keep such people in positions of power, and move them from between congregations, they share culpability. They have not been interested in the victims, especially women and children. It’s a bit sickening to see them condemn other religions that have, like the Catholics, at least admitted their culpability and tried to address it.

  3. I cannot even begin to explain how sick to my stomache this makes me. I read it yesterday and today am still weepy about it. I’ve experienced some of this. :::::sigh:::::

  4. It shouldn’t suprise anyone who was a witness to see the
    reasoning regarding protecting the congregation elders from
    bad publicity.

    The Society has defined a lie as “withholding the truth from anyone deserving to know it.” And who determines who is deserving? With this definition, (which I challenged when I was an elder), liars are bred within the cloak of the organization’s protection.

    Following the direction of the Organization at the time, as presiding elder, I personally covered up the indiscretions of a fellow elder, who went on to great responsibilities within, and was always great friends with circuit and district overseers.
    He has even since contacted me to persuade me to come back into the “truth”.

    Fear within this organization is akin to the fear that the USSR
    maintained among members of it’s countries. Reading about this is what assisted me to get out. But why, I ask myself,
    did it take me so long?

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