Kudos to Nemesis Rising

Kudos to Nemesis Rising

It couldn’t have been a big surprise for twin rockers Jacob and Joshua Miller of the band Nemesis Rising to discover that they have been officially disfellowshipped for their homosexuality and their show on Logo, Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising.

I like their response very much, and I think it shows a greater spiritual maturity than they will be shown by their family and other practicing JWs.

According to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, being “disfellowshipped” means that we have been found guilty of unrepentant gross misconduct. Our immediate family is to have limited or no contact with us. And all other practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world are not to speak with us ever again.

Although we are no longer Jehovah’s Witnesses, we have nothing but love for those individuals who have been asked to shun us. We will continue to be in contact with our family and those who truly love us unconditionally as long as they’re willing.

We find it ironic that a religion whose members are asked to knock on the doors of strangers with a message of acceptance into paradise on Earth will not accept two of its own children for who they really are. Our wish for them is one of tolerance and understanding and we send to all of them a message of peace and love.”

(Press Release)

The announcement was made at a Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting that took place in the Millers’ hometown of Kalispell, Montana. Their friends – and even their family members – will now cut off contact with them, but they are willing to stay in contact with anyone who is willing to speak with them. Best of luck with that, guys (sighing). I hope that some people will be able to make individual judgments about the higher good, despite their relentless legalistic training. Sending waves of caring out to you both.

Visit the Nemesis Rising page at MySpace or their official website if you’d like to hear the music.


One thought on “Kudos to Nemesis Rising

  1. I don’t think I’ve thought about this in years.

    As a child, ne of my best friends was from a JW family. I got to know all of them well-his parents spent a lot of time trying to convince my parents. My father (son of a minister and brother of 7 other ministers) was one of those guys who held his own extremely well in discussions of religion and he asked some searing, penetrating questions about the JW philosophy.

    I can sit here right now and realize it was them, and their inability to do anything but repeat dogma in the face of my father’s questions, that first planted a huge seed of doubt in my mind regarding all organized religion. That seed, of course, has been fertilized endlessly since then.

    It’s weird sometimes, what thing will trigger one of those long-lost memories.

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