JW Post Translated into French

JW Post Translated into French

The transcript of the Jehovah’s Witness gloom and doom sermon I made for the Breaking Down a Watchtower Message to the Great Crowd post has been translated into French at the Viaveritas site. Copernic, Fantasio, and Lucretius have crafted a great post, and it includes serious consideration of some of the points I was trying to make. Thanks!

The rest of the site looks very interesting, too. Reading through it, I realize that my French has gotten pretty rusty. It’s good practice for me.

It is always fun for me to see familiar vocabulary in another language. For example, “un contrôle des esprits” expresses something more, something different, than “mind control,” doesn’t it?

(Beaucoup de mercis de vos commentaires aimables, Fantasio.)


One thought on “JW Post Translated into French

  1. Bonjour !

    The French JW’s (Témoins de Jéhovah) say “Collège central” to speak about the “governing body”…

    And you’ll probably understand the next sentence :
    “Virushead est un excellent site”.

    Merci et à bientôt !

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