Former JW Brenda Lee – Listen Online

Former JW Brenda Lee – Listen Online

My online friend, former Jehovah’s Witness Brenda Lee, will be a guest on the Healthy Life Midlife Miracle radio program tomorrow at 2 p.m. Pacific Time. Make sure that you have Windows Media Player 9 installed, so that you can listen to it online.

Brenda will discuss why she believes her mother willingly surrendered her life to a religious cult at the age of 41 and how her mother’s choice radically altered not only Brenda’s life but the life of her son as well. Brenda will describe how she successfully ended the cycle of dysfunction after breaking free and why she feels compelled to share the intimate and painful details of her life with others.

Brenda’s remarkable journey while surviving severe oppression, physical and emotional abuse and abandonment has expanded her mind, fortified her emotional health and lifted her spirit to soar to unimaginable heights. Listeners who tune in will learn more about their own lives through Brenda’s introspective, yet humorous, flight from insanity.

You can visit Brenda’s website at


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