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DeLay Listening to Someone?

Which is the more absurd claim, that God speaks to Tom DeLay, or that Tom DeLay listens?

“God has spoken to me. I listen to God, and what I’ve heard is that I’m supposed to devote myself to rebuilding the conservative base of the Republican Party, and I think we shouldn’t be underestimated.” – Tom Delay (Jeffrey Goldberg, “Party Unfaithful: The Republican implosion,” The New Yorker, May 4

Preemptive Karma doesn’t think it’s God that Tom is hearing, but her reading is more benevolent than mine.

It is much more likely that he’s hearing the whispers of that old un-converted power-hungry conniving Hot Tub Tom – the one he thought was safely squished down into a dark corner by the shiny new peaceful born-again Tom DeLay. That bad boy wants to be important again, but knows he’s got to make the new Tom and all his loyal sheep feel morally good about it first.

There are other possibilities for that voice in Tom’s head than his own decadent former self.

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