Energizing Jig of Life

Energizing Jig of Life

“The Jig of Life” by Kate Bush has been playing in my mind since I got up this morning.

It has had an effect.

I planted more lavendar, and golden thyme, and french thyme, and some patches of mondo grass, and a new annual called a chartreuse leafed lemon talinum (which has tiny little pink beads on its stalks that are supposed to erupt into tiny rose-pink flowers).

Then, I got into water, namely our little pond. I mean I really got in. I pulled out the dead leaves, and cut back the drooping iris, and trimmed the evergreen grass, and pulled out some of the more than abundant green stuff in the water (I forget what it’s called, but the fish eat it and it sprouts little white flowers), and arranged the arrowheads, and put the lotus a little off-center, and cleaned the pump off, and rearranged the rocks so that the water flows down in a more interesting pattern.

One song. Just one song did that.

I’m so glad that it wasn’t a Flock of Seagulls song.

(I got the song and the little embedded player from IMeem.com. I saw it at one of my Care2.com friend’s site. I’ve just joined up – add me as a friend.)


3 thoughts on “Energizing Jig of Life

  1. Well Todd, I paid for it the next day. (grin)

    Jolly Roger… great song you posted! And a perfect mix of the personal and the political. I haven’t heard one of their songs in ages – thanks!

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