Open Minded Blog Award

Open Minded Blog Award

I am deeply honored to have been awarded an Open Minded Blogger Award by Hell’s Handmaiden.

VirusHead Open Minded Blogger Award

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, an “Open Mind” is defined as:

“A mind receptive to different opinions and ideas.”

This award is given to Blogs that demonstrate respect towards others, research and consideration of opposing views, free-flowing conversation with commenters, and an overall spirit of civility and openness. It is time we recognize such commendable behavior on the internet.

Open Mind Award « Politics & Religion

This award, like the “Thinking Blogger Award” asks the winners to name five others worthy of the award. It’s a subjective meme that creates a net of civility.

It’s difficult to narrow it down to just five – I will post with my five nominations soonest. Meanwhile, I’ve placed the award on the sidebar.


3 thoughts on “Open Minded Blog Award

  1. Congratulations! Certainly well-deserved.

    As you know, I’ve only been doing this whole blog thing for a few weeks, but it is funny how much I’m already looking toward it for little moments of external validation.

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