Fun with Watchtower Covers

Fun with Watchtower Covers

Fun with Watchtower covers, from TruthBook Blue (this is number ten in a series!)


If you read this blog, I am quite sure that you already have an idea of what I might have to say about the following question:

Does “the faithful and discreet slave” endorse independent groups of Witnesses who meet together to engage in Scriptural research or debate?

This question – and its answer by the Governing Body – appeared in the September “Q&A” section of the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Ministry publication.

It’s a great example of Watchtower-speak. They start off with a simple question about endorsement. Of course,there’s no reason that they should feel they have to “endorse” independent studies. However, they gradually move into a prohibition against reading anything but the Society’s publications – even suggesting that learning Hebrew or Greek might not be such a good idea.

And people still try to argue with me about the way the control their members and take the god-position.

Tightening the leash: the Watchtower’s attempt to put an end to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ apologists is an excellent point-by-point analysis and rebuttal posted by The Apologetic Front.

Before this talk, I didn’t really have much of an idea as to the extent to which the Watchtower has control over its members. Now I can sadly say that I do.


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  1. I remember once at my aunt & uncle’s house when I was babysitting…I found a book about how to refute or talk to other religions (I can’t remember what denomination they were) and I opened it to find an entire section about JW’s. I thought ‘what could they possibly say?’ and looked a bit further. I saw a list of things that JW’s believe and then below the list were the questions they could ask re: whatever the belief was. I read one subject “JW’s don’t believe in the trinity” and when I got to the answer I had to slam the book shut. I was terrified that I’d get ‘in trouble’ or be found displeasing to Jehovah for even opening the book. I was a teenager and scared to death. This article from the KM really made my stomach clench. Oy.

  2. Melvin – Yes, that’s right. This series of videos uses the Watchtower format to present some critical interpretation of their methods and motivations. It is humorously done. This is a form of commentary called satire. Sometimes the jester has something to say.

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