Support Safire the Llama

Support Safire the Llama

My friend Richard “Shining Thunder” Francis has been adopted by a llama (and, it seems, a lama). More on that below.

Richard is a former JW who has dedicated his life to an extraordinary calling of love and spirituality.

He has health problems of various kinds and, among other things, he is blind (Touchingly – to me – he refers to his body as “the donkey.”)

None of this has stopped him from writing several books, running a ministry and various radio shows, publishing the Lovelight Ezine, and sending out messages to the “Universal Love Digest.” I post these as blog entries for him – it’s a small way that I can support his work and show my gratitude for such books as Jehovah Goodbye: The New Theism of Love,
Jehovah lives in Brooklyn: Jehovah’s Witnesses as a model of Fundamentalism, Luminous Jewels of Love and Light, and Journey to the Center of the Soul: Mysticism Made Simple. After speaking for the first time, Richard sent me a couple of the books, and they helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings on a number of topics. You can buy the books, but Richard has also generously posted them as free downloadable ebooks.

I don’t agree with every little thing he says – but that’s ok. He has no interest in being a guru or controlling the thoughts and feelings of others.

The main site at Love Ministries is just one channel for his dedication to “The Way of Universal Love and the Ministry of Total Healing Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical.”

At Love Ministries, Inc. our goal is to help people. We do this genuinely to help other human beings solve problems and to live happier lives. Unlike many who call themselves “teachers” or even “masters,” we are not interested in ego-trips or in making lots of money. Our printed educational aids are distributed solely for what is roughly the cost of production and mailing, and we are not trying to make a profit or transform high spirituality into a mere business or a commodity. Please feel free to contact us with any issues that might relate to the heart, the body, the soul, the mind and anything else that might be of importance to you. We are here to be of service, for without service this world would have no Love.

Ok, so there’s the thing. Since he truly is only interested in love and service, Richard is always running everything on a shoestring.

If you like the site and the message, love donations are always very gratefully received.

If you’re not sure, you’ve got to read this post about Safire the llama/lama.


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