Dark Moon, New Moon, Lunar Samhain

Dark Moon, New Moon, Lunar Samhain

Traditionally, this is time to relinquish the hold of the past year and begin to dream the new year.

Good timing.

There are all sorts of performative enactments to help you to let go of all the things that you want to discard, and envision – or open yourself to a vision – of how you want the new year to be.

It will be very dark tonight, a good transition point. New projects and new thoughts emerge from darkness.

It works for me today. I’m such a mystic anyway….


3 thoughts on “Dark Moon, New Moon, Lunar Samhain

  1. Well, it does seem to be a time of transformation. For now, I’m going with the flow to see what can be constructed from the rubble of the tower.

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