JW Door-to-Door Mindset

JW Door-to-Door Mindset

Stumbled across a fictional service call that gives a more honest view of the mentality of that Jehovah’s Witness at your door.

A little sample:

Witness: Well, God’s going to kill you. And … well, I can see from the toys in your yard that you have children. Am I right?

Householder: Yes.

Witness: Well, God’s going to kill them, too. And it’ll be your fault. There. You’ve been warned. I’ve just discharged my own responsibility, so the bloodguilt is yours now. When God kills your kids, it’ll be all your fault. So you better take these magazines.

Householder: But we pray to God every night. We even pray together, as a family! My wife and my daughter and I kneel every evening before we tuck her in, and she folds her hands and prays for us and for her dolls and for Rover, her puppy …

Witness: That’s cute and all, but I’m afraid it isn’t enough.

Householder: So my daughter …

Witness: Dead.

Householder: And my wife …

Witness: Dead …

Householder: What about Rover?

Witness: Dead. Dead dead dead dead dead. Look, are you going to take the magazines or not?


One thought on “JW Door-to-Door Mindset

  1. For me, the worst thing is when they claim to have selfless reasons for preaching at others. Or when they try to stifle objections with something like, “But it’s what I believe!” I’ve run in to this with Witness who’ve tried to convert me back. But – in my experience at least – it’s a selfish act. They want to be saved. So this is what they have to do to get there. Now they just want you to shut up and play along by deferring to their needs. If you don’t, many of them get miffed. So we’re not supposed to have our say. Gee, thanks…

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