Preface to A New Start

Preface to A New Start

One day short of my 8th anniversary, I was laid off.  I find myself feeling relieved. There were seven good years, and after the stress of the last year or so, I am grateful for the chance to regroup and start again. It was past time for me to move on, and this works.

It has been almost a month, and my mojo is returning. I’m catching up on all the things that I didn’t have the energy or inclination to do over the last year. My hair and nails are getting healthier, and my dentist is making progress against the acceleration of gum disease. I am even getting poised to attack the “my brand” tasks (very uncomfortable for someone like me).

I have not yet decided the exact direction to take going forward, but am inclined to try something different. I could start my own business. I could turn a heap of text with rather bad dialogue into a real comedy novel. I could move into a different industry, or try a different role. When I think back about what I loved best about working at my old company, it was really about meeting a wide range of people who were able to rally around some core values in order to achieve something. I would like to find that again, but perhaps in a completely different context.

This is just a kind of landmark post, but I intend to blog again soon, if only to get back into the habit of writing. It doesn’t flow the way it used to, and the solution for that is always the same: write more.

For now, just feeling grateful for the privileges:

  • a little wriggle room to refocus
  • a clear, clean conscience
  • decluttering the home office
  • sleeping in a little, reading more, family time
  • “spring ahead Monday” at home!
  • the feeling of anticipation toward what lies beyond this new turn in the path

Looking out

up up and onward


2 thoughts on “Preface to A New Start

  1. AHHH. I need some time with my friend. I resonate with this so much. Like the whole writing thing seems to be blocked. Thanks for the reminder.

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