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Notes on the US Student Loan Crisis

This is just to capture some initial thoughts about a very complex problem. I think it’s difficult for people to understand how much education costs now. The situation has changed so very much over a generation that costs and priorities do deserve some analysis. Our parents’ generation could earn enough over the summer job to pay for […]

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Please, J.K. Rowling, More Stories

“The Potter stories give me hope during what I consider to be rather dark times. Please – more stories. The world so desperately needs them.”

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Pre-Election Roundup

Some various items from the last few weeks… World Poll: Strongly Favors Barack Obama – Only Pakistan’s respondents said they would prefer to see Mitt Romney win November’s election. THE CHOICE: The New Yorker’s Endorsement of Barack Obama Politifact Truth-o-Meter How U.S. Stimulus Bested U.K. Austerity Sorry, U.S. Recoveries Really Aren’t Different Team Romney still […]

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These aren’t REAL reasons to dislike Mitt Romney? Part I

Another day, another whisper campaign. I received this somewhat sarcastic email “Top Ten Reasons to Dislike Mitt Romney” from one of the usual places. To the person who sent this to me: I forgive you for trying to provoke me with things like this. You’ve given me the gift of a blog post topic. The […]

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Happy Independence Day

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The Changing View of God’s Will – or Witches and Doctors and Priests, Oh My

“You have no power here! Begone! – before someone drops a house on you too!” Long, long ago there were healing women, women wise with the knowledge of herbs, of sound and smell and taste, of birthing and guidance and support. Their various mindsets are probably not ones that we can fully understand or inhabit […]

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