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Notes on the US Student Loan Crisis

This is just to capture some initial thoughts about a very complex problem. I think it’s difficult for people to understand how much education costs now. The situation has changed so very much over a generation that costs and priorities do deserve some analysis. Our parents’ generation could earn enough over the summer job to pay for […]

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Thinking Through Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method

Found essay from 1988, when I was immersed in the academic study of religion. This was not the only tool in the toolbox, of course, but it’s funny for me to see the way I thought about things from that perspective. It was during my first year of graduate school, and I always tried to […]

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Please, J.K. Rowling, More Stories

“The Potter stories give me hope during what I consider to be rather dark times. Please – more stories. The world so desperately needs them.”

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Pre-Election Roundup

Some various items from the last few weeks… World Poll: Strongly Favors Barack Obama – Only Pakistan’s respondents said they would prefer to see Mitt Romney win November’s election. THE CHOICE: The New Yorker’s Endorsement of Barack Obama Politifact Truth-o-Meter How U.S. Stimulus Bested U.K. Austerity Sorry, U.S. Recoveries Really Aren’t Different Team Romney still […]

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These aren’t REAL reasons to dislike Mitt Romney? Part I

Another day, another whisper campaign. I received this somewhat sarcastic email “Top Ten Reasons to Dislike Mitt Romney” from one of the usual places. To the person who sent this to me: I forgive you for trying to provoke me with things like this. You’ve given me the gift of a blog post topic. The […]

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Happy Independence Day

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