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Thinking Through Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method

Found essay from 1988, when I was immersed in the academic study of religion. This was not the only tool…

Please, J.K. Rowling, More Stories

“The Potter stories give me hope during what I consider to be rather dark times. Please – more stories. The world so desperately needs them.”

Father’s Day – and Fathers’ Day

Happy Father’s Day! Empathies and condolences to those whose dads have died or disappeared, and to those have, or had,…

Watchtower Society/Jehovah’s Witnesses GUILTY – Must Pay Millions in Punitive Damages in Child Sex Abuse Case

I am overjoyed to see some traction on this issue at last. The jury found that the elders who managed…

Americans Who Betray the Most Basic American Values

Listen up, you so-called Patriots. Any power interest that dehumanizes other Americans, other people, IS THE BAD GUY. What does…

A-flurried about the “war on Christmas”? Read this!

This is the single best essay that I’ve read on the subject of Christmas “wars.” Whatever your views on “the…

Breathing in the Presence of the Question Mark

When one can articulate something, it’s important to do so. This is necessary for dialogue and for understanding and for…

Slight twist

“The temptation of knowledge is despair.” ~ Me Lead me not into this temptation.

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