Jehovah’s Witness Michael Jackson?

Jehovah’s Witness Michael Jackson?

See my previous blog entry for a reading of Michael Jackson’s psychology from the perspective of a former Jehovah’s Witness.

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Interesting article from Silent Lambs. In 1987, it was publicly announced that Michael Jackson was no longer a Jehovah’s Witness. However, the recent news articles say that he is.

Jesse Jackson is saying that although Michael Jackson is a Jehovah’s Witness, they pray together (a “nondenominational prayer”). That is SO not allowed! I’ve been in contact with a grandmother who was barred from seeing her grandchild simply because she brought him to a site where they were planning to build a church. Any other JW would be disfellowshipped for praying with an outsider.

As the article points out, the PR wing of the Watchtower Society has neither confirmed nor denied Michael Jackson’s status as a Jehovah’s witness. That’s interesting especially in light of the multiple child abuse scandals and the Society’s ludicrous policies concerning same. They even went out of their way to disfellowship any questioners or whistleblowers. Family members were urged to shun previous members, and made to choose between their loyalty to the organization and their love for family members. One wonders if he was in the JW database of thousands of molesters not reported to authorities.

The media has not yet delved into some of the background of Michael Jackson’s involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses – and what effect this group may have had on him. On the other side, Jehovah’s Witnesses are not questioning his role in the organization. When one of the so-called “elect” – Firpo Carr – even functioned as Michael Jackson’s spokesperson in 2003, there wasn’t a peep about his working for a disfellowshipped JW – again, something strictly prohibited. So either special rules applied to Michael Jackson, or else he was a member in good standing. What seems incontrovertible is that if Michael Jackson is a current Jehovah’s Witness in good standing, he certainly has a special status strenuously denied the rank and file.

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  1. i don’t know why everyone hates on JWs! I’m not one, but I have many friends that are, and I’ve even attended their meetings! I can assure you that they are harmless people! my friends are extremely happy, and i can assure you that they have not been hurt in any way. this religion, as in any other, has people that may not take their beliefs as seriously as they should, and may even make them look bad, but then again, which religion doesn’t? Why not look at a few years ago, when all those Christian priests turned out to be gay and child molesters… why is that not such a big deal… how come everyone magically seemed to forget about those so quickly? Now, if Michael Jackson was a JW, then he should act like a JW; don’t depend on the organization for answers, look at his actions, and what he represents. All these mental cases that supposedly have arised from being in this cult is simply a personal issue. That is a rare possibility; everyone just seems to highlight the JW cases. If you would really take the opportunity to receive personal study from the JWs to reason with them and ask them your questions instead of posting it all over the internet, where you most likely will not receive clear answers, you would really truly understand the religion, instead of making false claims.

  2. To the anonymous defender of the JWs: I find it hard to believe that you are not JW – you reason like one, and you use their standard lines.

    I don’t hate JWs and I don’t make false claims. The “organization” doesn’t answer questions – try going to their website and see for yourself. I don’t need more personal book studies – I used to lead them myself and after leaving the JWs earned a PhD in Religion and Literature. I ask my questions of JWs when they visit me – but they will not comment on the Jackson case or on the predator files they keep(but don’t share with authorities).

    In fact, the pedophiles in the Catholic church were an incredibly “big deal” – one of the reasons that JW victims felt that they could finally speak. Those who are interested in the details should check the Silent Lambs site.

    Like all authoritarian groups, the JWs are destructive to individual human freedom, compassion and tolerance. They raise sheeple and they are proud of that. If you need that high level of regulation, alienation, and so on, no problem. My site is here only for those people who might like other information and options. In any case, the structure of the organization does not encourage spiritual growth or compassion in any authentic way – those who manage it are the exception not the rule. The JWs aren’t the worst by any means, but they are the group with whom I have had personal experience. I know and have used their methods, and am grateful that I am no longer the person they wanted me to be. I’m entitled to that judgment, and you are certainly free to disagree. You can assure me anything you want, but I assure you that I have a bit more information and experience to support my arguments than you do yours.

    Still – thanks for the interesting presentation. I haven’t really seen all that much focus on JWs myself – usually it’s just jokes about the door to door service. People would have to be really invested to “hate” them – they just aren’t a significant enough group to bother hating…

  3. Here, here! When I was in the organization, which was just three years ago which means that I spent 51 years in and around it. I found it was quite the opposite of what “alskdjfkd” says. The Watchtower org. is very good at pointing fingers both inside and outside of itself

  4. Michael “left” the Woodland Hills, California, congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1987. One of the Elders there was persecuting him mercilessly. It was a little more like he was driven out.

  5. Hi BuitseachRua,
    I was wondering how you know about this Elder persecuting Michael, were you in the same congregation, I honestly feel Michael is very sensitive, and not understood, I also felt he needed encouragement not pointing the finger back then, I have met Prince and believe me I will defend him if I needed too, one needs to be following the footsteps and example of Jesus when one speaks to his fellowman, whether you are an elder or whom we are, at the same I appreciate the work the elders do for us at the Kingdom Hall , I know they work very hard ,you need to win them with all your heart, I believe Michael stills loves Jehovah we need to give him time, I believe he has been attending the meetings where he lives, he is a grown man and he is not alone now as an Entertainer who has been in the truth, today there is Prince and Larry Graham which I also met, a fine Brother a nice Brother indeed, Billy Ocean, George Benson and many others, if he does come back he has many friends celebreties he can get encouragement from, as a Jehovah’s Witness I love my brothers and sisters and I would be so happy, so happy if Michael Jackson would be reinstated I would like to be there and hug him warmly and welcome him back.
    Lots of love to you all, and look forward to read your comments:
    Amelie Jonquieres…….

  6. HI. I understand that you all are questioning what is different. I do however have to point out why Michael is not a Jehovah’s witness ,a dn the alligations made up top.
    First off, if an alligation is made of child molestationinthe hall, the elder will have to step out of the position untill the POLICE finish investigating the matter. if he is found guilty by the POLICE he will be disfellowships untill he corrects his lifestyle. this does not go against anything written in the bible. 1 Corinthians5 : 9-11
    michael does not live a lifestyle that is lived by many jehovah’s witnesses. if you look at us most live modestly, with moral standards that many of you praise. The bible tells us to marry in the lord and to keep persuing things pleasing to god. It also tells us that anyone who loves the world does not love Jehovah God. (1 john 2:15) Michael has dated many people that do not share his faith or the morals that God expected us to live by. While that sounds harsh to many you have to understand the long term benifits that come from having a companion that can spiritually strenghten you and give you bible based corection. (1 corinthians 7:36)
    We have also seen many things that michale sings about such as sex between unmarried couples and the type of dancing. MOST JEHOVAHS WITNESSES WHO ARE IN GOOD STANDING IN THE CONGREGATIONS DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS BEHAVIOR.

    I Understand that this may sound harsh to many people but michael is not a jehovahs witness by any strech of the imagination. it is a well known fact in the congregation. All religions have standards and rules. Ours are clearly outlined in the bible and are not imposed by any other institution. For any other questions about jehovah;s witnesses i can be reached at
    thanks you.

  7. Ok, the POLICE are usually not notified because of 1) the theocratic war strategy that allows them to argue that it isn’t their concern and 2) they would need two witnesses to the behavior before they would notify police. As evidence, they have yet to release the database of known pedophiles to the authorities.

    Most JWs – who had not contributed that amount of cash – would be disfellowshipped. Remember, you can be disfellowshipped for smoking or having a beard.

    However, notice that Michael has not been disfellowshipped.

    How do you explain this?

  8. Ok first of all you can’t be disfellowshiped for having a beard! It’s discouaged because we like to look very clean cut for our ministry but nobody gets in trouble for growing a beard. I have grown one myself several times. Michael Jackson was disfellowshipped after makeing the Thriller Video and has had no association with Jehovah’s Wittnesses what so ever since!! I have heard rumors that Prince was disfellowshipped but those are just the kind of rumors that go around. If Prince did have dealings with MJ’s music career it would be a business relationship and would not violate any rules or whatever. Jehovah’s Wittnesses handle child abuse cases about as fairly as I could imagine anyone doing, and do not keep a database of offenders as if such a nonlegal document would have any value in a court of law anyway. The posters here are critisizing our “harsh dealing with our congregation out of one side of their mouth while being upset why we don’t do anything out of the other side! I think this is a good indicator that a good balance of dicipline is in effect.
    The people who are defending Michael Jackson keep saying he’s so sensitive, and he never had a childhood, and he like children because they don’t judge him. If they knew anything about psychology they would realize that they are describing the perfect profile of a child molester. The media’s portrayal of molesters as completely amoral, freakish, evil people blinds us to the fact that people we know who are otherwise good, kind, productive people could still be hurting our children.

  9. MJ is not a JW!!!! I think its funny how people thin JW is a cult. They obviously dont know any better. Jehovah is cleaning out the congragations little by little. Wow, when the end is here, eveyone will finally know who he is. The prophecies are taking place as we speak.

  10. I am not a Jehovah’s Witness – as of currently. But I disagree with a lot of what is being said against. I was raised a JW for most of my life. I left the organization when I was a teenager (doing stupid things, i.e. sex before marriage, experimenting with drugs, etc.) then went off to join the military. I completed my 4 years and am now back and about to start a family. I spent roughly 8 years out of the organization and, in that time, have learned many valuable life lessons. (The hard way.) The reason JW’s don’t comment on things about other people is because they value privacy. Every person is accountable for themselves and accountable to Jehovah. As an organization, it’s detrimental to the faith of the brothers and sisters to have someone whithin the organization that doesn’t hold the morals and laws that Jehovah has provided for everyone in the Bible. That’s the reason disassociations and disfellowships occur. It is not for public ridicule or for ‘pointing fingers’. The congregation does not deny anyone the right to attend the meetings or listen to the talks. They will also conduct Bible studies. Nothing the JWs practice is outside of the Bible. However, they also don’t consider themselves part of ‘this system’. They are not above the law and they respect the laws of the government as long as it doesn’t interfere with their faith in Jehovah. They are non-violent. They have never been ‘destructive to human freedom’. In fact, anyone wishing to engage themselves in the ‘freedom’s of humanity’ can do so at their own discretion. However, if it interferes with the governing laws of Jehovah, then they are not conducive to the organization. Therefore, you shouldn’t be a Jehovah’s Witness. Everyone made this huge deal about Clinton having sex outside of marriage because he’s a political figure. He represents the United States and the people. Jehovah’s Witnesses represent Jehovah. Our God. How bad does it look if Jehovah’s Witnesses preached about God’s word and talked about upholding his laws if they went around doing drugs and conducting themselves in an immoral manner? It would give Jehovah a bad name. That’s why they don’t partake in politics, in the military, or anything else that would dishonor Jehovah’s name. Even if it’s viewed honorable or acceptable by the right’s of ‘human freedom’. Jehovah said that this system belongs to Satan. He wants every person in this world to have the opportunity for salvation. He understands that people can become confused or stray away from His path. That’s why he’s giving everyone the opportunity to come back to Him. There isn’t a lot of time, though. The book of Revelations shows us that. It’s true that not every Jehovah’s Witnesses follows the laws to the letter. It’s true that there are Jehovah’s Witnesses that ‘slip through the cracks’. But not every Jehovah’s Witness will find salvation when God’s kingdom arrives. They will have to answer to Jehovah. And He knows all! Can each and every one of you look deep inside and know that you are in the right place and living your lives the way the Creator intended? Each and every one of you has had parents at one point. Those that were fortunate enough to be raised by them were taught the values of life, the difference between right and wrong, and the necessities needed to survive in this life. Those who had loving parents were given guidelines and warnings because their parents didn’t want ‘bad things’ to happen to them. How much more do you think the Creator of all mankind would want what’s good for us? The Creator of everything that exists. We have the freedom to smoke cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean that they are good for us. We have the freedom to sleep with someone outside of marriage. But that doesn’t mean that conducting ourselves in illicit behavior is going to prevent us from catching STD’s. However, if every person waited held themselves to Jehovah’s law, there wouldn’t be STD’s, there wouldn’t be fear of dying from smoking. Diseases still exists, however, people would drastically reduce statistics by practicing abstinence and avoiding poisoning their bodies. Jehovah put these guidelines to protect us. Not to surpress us or to deny us of anything. We are all imperfect. Jehovah’s Witnesses are no exception. Yet, they try to conduct themselves in a way that most closely follows God’s laws. Status, money and power mean nothing in Jehovah’s eyes. We are all equal. He loves all of us. But it hurts Him whenever we turn our backs to Him. It’s easy to do in a world like this. But we have His promise that, on the day that He picked, He will wipe away death, sickness, fear, violence, natural disasters, and the only government that will be left standing is the one that He appoints. People should stop judging a religion based on who’s in it. They should judge it for what it stands for and what it teaches. I, for one, have realized that I made a serious mistake by turning my back on Jehovah. That’s why I’m trying my best to get reinstated and I want to raise my new daughter and soon-to-be wife in the congregation. I know I have a lot of mending to do in order to live my life in a manner that is favorable to Jehovah. But I know that He’s still giving me the opportunity to do so. Even if I’m not one to make it into God’s new kingdom, I’m going to try. I hope more people give the JWs a shot. I don’t regret it and I honestly believe that, out of all the other religions that I’ve studied, they may be on to something, after all. I’ve been to the Middle East. I fought the ‘Great War’ for freedom. There’s is nothing honorable in killing someone for a faith or a government. There is no honor in dying for a country that only cares about numbers. Do any of you honestly believe that, some day, your country will forgive your debt, your struggles, or your crimes? We are going through an economic depression. Do any of you think that the president is going to come to your house and help you survive? All I know is Jehovah has given us the ‘freedom’ to choose what side we want to be on. There’s only two. And only one of those leads to salvation. Even if we’re wrong with our faith, we all know we are all going to die, at some point. That’s a certainty. Why not play the odds for the small chance that we’re right.It could mean the difference between life and death.

  11. If you only knew the truth, but thats ok. but one thing I do know is that organizaion is best known as ” White Wash Graves Full Of Dead Mans Bones!!!! Jehovah will deal with them also, they did do XMAS at one time. and in the year 2000 they finally put a person of color on the gov. body.
    “RACIST.” If you only knew– check it for yourself.
    My Jehovah bless you with the full truth about them.

  12. It saddens me to see so many people lose faith. This isn’t a question of defending the name of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s about defending the name of Jehovah. I have seen many things in my life. I’ve seen death, I have seen suffering. I have been in war. I have been betrayed. I have been violated. None of that means anything to me. The only thing that I have found strength and comfort in has been the Bible. I don’t claim to have a full grasp of everything that is taught in it. But every time that I read it I gain a closer understanding of how Jehovah thinks and how he feels. It is through His word that I can get closer to him. When Jesus came to Earth, he did not judge a man by what religion he followed. He did not judge a man by the deeds of his past. He judged by the contents of their hearts. We are faced with great tribulations. Deeds are not the defining factor in the End of Days. The defining factor is in the condition of the heart and the loyalty to Jehovah. Injustices occur all the time. Look at Jesus’ account. Even the Jews that killed him and pierced him had a chance for salvation. (Read the account on Acts 2:36-42) In my experience, I have learned that every person out there should realize that we are all Bible students. There are those who have a stronger grasp of the Bible than others, but no one out there knows, to a full capacity, the contents of the Holy Scripture. I feel much more rejoiced when a church or an organization changes their structure to follow more of the guidelines of the Bible than when they change it to be more accepting to society or to the masses. Race has no bearing in the kingdom of Jehovah. The United States had slaves. I don’t see anyone refusing their American citizenship because of something that occured over 2 centuries ago. Whatever religion people choose to follow, it should not be because of what other people are doing whithin it. It should be because of the values and discipline that it teaches. I don’t have anything against the Catholic religion but I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things they teach. I have even met devout Catholics who try to live their lives whithin the guidelines that the Bible offers. And I respect that. Funny thing is, a lot of them don’t agree with the way their church handles matters, either. (Believe me, I lived in Italy for two years.) There are Jehovah’s Witnesses out there who take advantage of the generosity and love that the brothers and sisters exhibit and live their lives in secret. Doing atrocities and bearing false witness to the name of Jehovah. Unfortunately, Satan’s grasp on this system is far reaching. Not every Jehovah’s Witness follows the laws of God’s word. But it’s impossible for any man or woman to truthfully judge them for the contents of their hearts. It’s impossible to foretell what destiny awaits. Some may change. Most will not. Only Jehovah reserves the right to seek vengeance. It is only He who will right the injustices done to His people. To point fingers and judge is trying to impose on the judgement that He has reserved. Even the isrealites that Jehovah delivered from slavery, through Moses, began to lose faith. They couldn’t take the hardship of traveling through the desert before they reached the pormised land and started to lose faith in Jehovah. They even made a false idol and commited immoralities. But Jehovah didn’t lose patience with His people. After all he did for them! It was Moses who was denied entrance into the promised land. And he was the chosen messenger. But he spoke against Jehovah. The people who know the truth and turn their backs on it are judged harder than those who don’t understand. From what I’ve seen, many things have changed. And they will continue changing. Just the same as our lives should reflect our faith and devotion to Jehovah. We can’t be perfect right from the start. Our faith is like a car. Even with perfect alignment, we must constantly straighten and turn the wheel to stay on course. Should we fall asleep, we most certainly will crash. If we lose respect or take it from granted, we will get hurt. We must constantly tune the engine and replace parts when it they get worn or strained. The more practice we get at driving the easier it is to stay on course. The more maps we study, the easier it is for us to find our way and the easier it is to prepare from obstacles and surprises that come out on the road. Some may get lost, but if we put our faith in the Bible and study it diligently, it will guide us back to the right road to reach our destination. None of us know how long or how many miles it’s going to take. But we do know that, even if we expire, if we’re on the right road, Jehovah will pick us up and tow us the rest of the way. But we have to stay on course! Judging others for their faith is the same as fixing your car. It’s easy to pay money to have a mechanic fix your vehicle. But you can’t guarantee that he truly fixed the problem or that it won’t happen again. Your faith is the most valuable possession. It’s above life and food and everything else. Because that’s your ticket to salvation. If you learn to fix your own vehicle you will learn how to prevent possible breakdowns or to prepare when you know they’re coming. If you know your vehicle inside and out, you know what obstacles to avoid and roads you can take. In a religion or congregation they teach you to count on one another. If you feel down or tired, let someone help guide you. But make no mistake! Just because you trust the person in front of you does not mean that you should close the Bible and follow them blindly. How do you know they’re not falling asleep behind the wheel and leading you down the wrong road? How many times have one of you had a passenger who swore they knew where they were going only to find out that they were lost? Just because you have fellow brothers and sisters driving alongside of you does not mean that you are allowed to get careless. And it certainly does not mean that you can count on them or blame them if you all end up getting. The Bible is your map to salvation. Use it often. Forget about your fellow drivers. Wave, encourage them, honk your horn if they start to drift asleep, but never blame anyone but yourself for losing faith! Remember, not every road leads to salvation. Even if it feels like the right path.

  13. Ok…um… Keeping on topic – with the use of paragraphs – would be great!

    Jairo, your main point is a good one, but misses one important aspect: the evidence of the fruits of the spirit.

    I agree that following someone – even the governing body of the Watchtower Society – is not a guarantee that your relationship with the cosmos/God is in good at-tunement. Sometimes the rules you learn as a child are great when you have not learned how to navigate complexity, but they have to be modified as you grow and see things a little differently. As you gain more experience and wisdom, you realize that not all rules apply in every case. For example, at my house there is a little boy that has learned the rules of honesty and truthfulness very well, but that has yet to be tempered with the skills of timing and diplomacy.

    Love God with all your heart, and let each find their own path to God. God does not need a corporation of publishers to bring his people close. It’s not your job to judge others as JWs do, according to your bible map. Show compassion and caring for others – as you would wish it for yourself. Do not elevate the traditions of men (even Watchtower men) over the dictates of kindness that Jesus talked about. If you have not love, you have nothing.

  14. That’s fine. And to an extent, I agree. But it’s to a very minor extent. Keeping with the topic, I believe the bigger issue has to do with the defamation of the JW’s. It was expressed that each should be free to find their own path to God. Isn’t the slander of one religion and discouragement to persue it preventing people from having that as an option? Each should be allowed to make their own choice. Just because some people chose to leave a religion, doesn’t mean that they should speak against it. I believe the term for that is apostasy. And we should all know what God’s view on apostates is. (Jeremiah 8:3-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4).
    I may be young, but I’m not an idiot. I know that some of you believe that you’re doing the right thing. But the interpretations of some does not prove to be law. Jehovah never said, “here’s My ten commandments. Pick and choose whichever suits you.” Devotion to God should not be eclectic. Posting articles such as “Another Jehovah’s Witness dies for refusing a blood transfusion” send the wrong message to people. The Bible is very clear over Jehovah’s view on blood. Acts 15:29 says that we should abstain from blood. 1 Samuel 14:31-35 states the account of when the Isrealites were exhausted and began to eat meat with blood in it. Saul corrected them and told them not to SIN against God by eating blood. In all the accounts that the Bible mentions, never once does it state that in case of emergencies or life and death situations it’s okay to partake in blood. It’s the single most sacred thing to Jehovah. I praise those JW’s for standing up for their belief and faith. And I’m sure that Jehovah will reward them in the ressurection. Remember, this life was given to us by Jehovah. Our bodies do not belong to us. That is why the Bible speaks against contaminating the body.
    As for everyone’s freedom to choose their own path, I applaud them, if they can do so while following all of God’s laws. Jehovah gave us the Bible and the example of Jesus to do so properly. But like I said, very narrow is the road to salvation. But God is not partial. He’s not going to save JUST Jehovah’s Witnesses. Those that put faith in him and put faith in Jesus have the opportunity to obtain salvation. It says so on Acts 10:34 and 35. Most of you will not listen to me. Which is fine. I’m in no position to preach to anyone. I have many wrongs I must make right in my life. But I hope that those who truly love Jehovah will take the time to do a deep examination of themselves and remove those things that may hold them back from His path. I’m trying to do so myself.
    P.S. This isn’t judgement. I don’t know the level of faith that resides within each one of you. This is just some friendly advice from an outsider’s perspective. The true answers lie in God’s words. Read them. And if something doesn’t make sense, ask Jehovah in prayer. Don’t look to the internet for answers or consolation. Satan’s grasp is far-reaching. He will do whatever he can to confuse and distort your faith.

  15. There is a a significant difference between defamation and criticism. I am a critic of some of their policies and attitudes because they are so destructive to individuals and families. I’m allowed to do that, sorry!

    Everyone is of course free to examine their own religious path. Jehovah’s Witnesses actively encourage non-JWs to do so in all of their introductory literature, and they are subject to the same questions they ask others to inspect.

    “Another Jehovah’s Witness dies for refusing a blood transfusion” is the fact of the matter. I really don’t care what message JWs want to send or not send, since I am no longer a JW. If blood is so sacred, why do you eat blood? Kosher meat is drained of its blood, but you do not hold to the dietary standard from which your quotations come. Even the most orthodox Jews (who know the Torah better than JWs do) do not refuse transfusions.

    You can say that God will save others than JWS, but JWs do not believe this. I’ve had this kind of conversation before.

    I agree with you that asking for guidance in prayer is a good thing to do. However, anyone should feel free, I think, to read and assess – from books or the internet or anywhere else.

    Thinking is not against my religion anymore.

  16. Im a jeovah witnesses, and i love jehovah, and if we dont take transfusion its because the blood is sacre and we may love jehovah I LOVE YOU JEHOVAH I LOVE YOU

  17. Just because some people chose to leave a religion, doesn’t mean that they should speak against it. I believe the term for that is apostasy. And we should all know what God’s view on apostates is. (Jeremiah 8:3-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4).

    Jairo, before I respond to that statement let me tell you a little about myself. I spent 31 years as a witness and 13 as a pioneer giving assembly parts as well as moving to “where the need was great” I have not just left the organization and become negative and defamitory. I LIVED the life of a witness giving everything to it for many years, so I believe I have some basis to discuss this. The Society has misrepresented many things to the people in the organization. One of which is the true meaning of the word apostasy. It has the meaning of once being a follower of Christ and then turning away and denying him. To question what a group of men determines to be the ONLY possible interpretation of a biblical matter is FAR FAR FAR from apostasy. In fact the Apostle Paul commended the Bereans for this very thing, for “reasoning on the scriptures.” There is nothing wrong with knowledge of your own organization. If you wanted to know all facts about a corporation you would research it from all angles not just read offical press releases. The same should apply to beliefs. There is nothing scary about examination unless there is something to hide.

  18. I was born and raised a witness. I am now 28 and have been disfellowshipped for dating a man that was not of the same faith after my divorce of 10 years to a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive “witness”. I dont have anything personal against people that are witnesses that act as true christians. My problem is with the ones that de-fame Gods name by calling themselves Jehovah’s witnesses and not living like Christians, and those humans in the congregation that judge others (we all know the scriptures: “do not judge others that you may not be judged by the all mighty”) Just live and let live. To each their own, we will all individually take a stand before God by ourselves so everyone should live like it and stop JUDGING! Peace, love…. By the way… RIP Michael!

  19. I saw a jw website that was talking about his death, as if they care, they shun and bash anyone that stopped being a jw…i know from experience, my mom is a jw and her friends cant even look me in the face…they even made my mom go against me and finally she snapped out of it and realizes i\’m her daughter and she should continue a relationship with me…sad!!! and by the way they force kids to get baptized…I was not even 10 and my parents said i had to get baptized so why put me down after i was able to speak out and say i\’ve had it…that wasnt until i was 17 and my dad left (haha being a JW, and one of the supposable 144,000) …..hypocrites…. there was constant abuse in the home especially if we didnt study the watchtowers and read the bible constantly, never allowed to make friends because everyone was pagan, would get my butt beat for that too…ah loong story, but just to show a bit about how hypocritical these people are

  20. Pedophiles not reported to the authorities? Why, because there isn’t any! All congregations get letters all the time telling the elders if anyone has ever been, even before they were a JW, accused, reported or had anything to do with something like pedophiles or rapes or anything, even as a youngster, they can not be and elder or servant. They have to wait to be in the new system. They still can change their life and serve God but they can not have any authority. That is your answer.

  21. Strange to read words from people who, despite their learning, decide never to ACT (door-to-door publishing the good news); instead, they deal with entirely unimportant matters: participating in WARS (sic!), homicide, messing around with barren philosophies and thus considering time valueless. Wish you success in doing so… Tomorrow you may be dead.

  22. All I know is that JWs never participate in violent shit or things that are bad in God’s eyes. Most wars started because of religion differences

  23. Wow VirusHead, obviously with you being disfellowshiped it has caused you to feel so negative towards JW. The embarrassment, anger, hurt etc that it may have caused you. The comment “thinking is not against my religion anymore” you know that once you turned your back on Jehova nothing has been as great as it was when you were by his side. The advice that is given to us by the elders is for our own good. You can choose to accept it or you can choose to take a seperate path…obviously the opposite path will lead you to nothing good. I hope you wake up and realize which side you should be on. People that create these sites do this to create a lot of bickering back and forth and in reality we do not need to sit here and defend what we know is right (you know what is right, you are just lying to yourself and you know it). All JW STAY OFF THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER SITE WITH NEGATIVITY TOWARDS JW’S! I hope this will be the last JW comment made on this site or any other. Jairo, you couldnt have said it any better, thank you.

  24. I myself was raised as a JW but never actually was baptized. I dont know why but it seems all the children who were involved back then have problems. I dont think it good to make a child feel so different than everyone else. it causes some type of mental problem

  25. Jairo. Wonderful words. Keep studying. I, too am coming back into the Truth. There is no other way. To all the detractors, if you must quote the Scriptures at least be accurate. Please do not say I am a Jehovah’s Witness-the grammatically correct way is I am ONE OF jehovah’s Witnesses. Learn before you speak and knock JWs.

  26. Saying “one of Jehovah’s Witnesses” is not a matter of grammar but of the preferences of the “organization.” Grammatically, you are a member of the group of Jehovah’s Witnesses, therefore you are a Jehovah’s Witness.

  27. this comment is to virushead, i just hope that when jehovahs day gets here… your on the right side,dont be fooled by satan,dont let him blind your mind as hes doing now. Be on Jehovahs side,we dont depict him as a caricature,we depict him as the way the bible sais he is….loving. Your in a bad state of mind right now,if he’s loving and so is Jesus,i want to be as well,turn your life around,stop gettin on these stupid sites and slandering jehovahs name,he gave you your life,it’s his. Respect him.If someone did you wrong in the hall at one time or another,turn the other cheek,jehovah will take care of the problem in time. I hope you heard some of this,i hope you have enough sense to know that without even knowing you,i do care.
    Someone once told me something that ive carried around with me for years when i got down.. ” The individuals that are inside the religion of Jehovahs witnesses are’nt perfect,But Jehovahs religion is” Jesus said “when one of the sheep gets away from the rest,pray that he finds his way back” I will.

    1. Thank you for your kind intentions, David. I don’t slander God, but I think the corporation does. I’m not in a bad state of mind at all, but I can see why you would project that I was. God’s day is every day. I’m praying for the lost sheep in the JWs that the Spirit finds them – even there. With God, nothing is impossible.

  28. Michael Jackson personally left Jehovah’s Witnesses many years ago …. and although his mother and one sister may or may not be a Witness…that is completely immaterial.

    He rejected Jehovah’s Witnesses, and left them and Jehovah and Christian principles for the lifestyle and all strangeness that money could buy.

    If he has a JW funeral, it will show that the rightous standards that one might reasonably expect of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a sham.

    My best friend’s son died in a motorcycle accident, years after rejecting the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and his memorial service was NOT held in a Kingdom Hall because of that. He was considered a “man of the Nations”, not a person consecrated to God.

    If he gets a “Witness Funeral” it will show that Jehovah’s Witnesses are no better than Christendom, who has spent the last 1700 years in cannibalistic warfare, and from whom no one really expects anything spiritual .. only “politics as usual”.


  29. i dont know how true it is about micheal being a JW but i dont think that he will get a JW funeral because he left jehovah just for fame and worthless things that he never really needed!!!!!

  30. I know the teachings of JW’s and it’s mind control! Nowhere in the Bible does it say to follow the writings of an organization! Nowhere does it say to follow an organization and let them judge you! Their spreading their misinterpriations of scriptures and teaching that all other christians are under satan’s wrap! That’s sick and that’s my problem with the Watchtower not Jehovah! If the molestor in the congregation that hurt Micheal has rights of privacy…that’s sick!!!!!! One last thing….the Watchtower is full of false prophets!! I’m not a hater of any religion….just don’t appreciate the negative views JW’s place upon other Christians. We are not Satan!

  31. If Michael was disfellowshipped (vs. rejecting the teachings) from Jehovah’s Witnesses, his mother and sisters, reported to be Witnesses, would not be allowed to speak to him or visit him. I have been waiting to hear in the media whether his family did visit him (other than Janet). Certainly being cut off from his family could not have helped his fragile mind. Also, do you think maybe Katherine wants to raise Michael’s children so she can bring them up in “The Truth”?

  32. Well I am currently disfellowshipped and I can tell you a think of two, unless you keep your dirt secret no one in the organization knows (except Jehovah) what you are doing. No one keeps a database because wicked deeds always seem to come afloat. It happened to me after 9 months of covering over sin it floated to the surface and I was left with no choice but to fess up and not living up to the bible-based standards simply leads to disfellowshipping.

    Also many things in the past happened much more swiftly, as far as I knew MJ was disfellowshippped as a result of his Thriller video, because at the time it portrayed the occult as a fun harmless thing. I cannot tell you what really happened, what he said (since disfellowshipping happens after a few sittings with the offender) and what the circumstances were. But the truth is around that time there were some really strict rules about conduct and a considerable amount of lack of knowledge as prophesied in the bible, it simply says that the \”Light of the truth will get brighter and brighter\”. So to those who stumbled and were disgusted by the changes (around 1975-1980\’s) are lacking in faith in the bible. The organization doesn\’t write rules, I have never seen an application of anything other than what is in the scripture.

    Whether MJ is or not is not something I would/should know, seeing as I do not belong to his original congregation nor to the one he may have visited after, if he did. The announcement is made to the congregation where the person gathers and/or where he was disfellowshipped. bottomline is news went around he turned Muslim, I highly doubt that if he really did so he could still remain a JW, if he ever did work towards reinstatement.

    I myself am looking to be reinstated after 3 years, because I have had time to reflect on my wrongful course of action, it takes time to accept the discipline and to value the protection the standards given by Jehovah from the bible give you (Like no sex before marriage, it really protected me to avoid STD\’s and unwanted pregnancies other youngsters of my age who fully ignored the rules have had some very sad results and hopefully someday they too get to see the folly in their way and return to the path that will lead to life everlasting).

    And I am not brainwashed, no one put a knife to my neck, these are things I really pondered on in my 3 years of disfellowshipping.

    One last thing, JW\’s do not put a negative view on Christendom as a previous poster said. The bible talks about false religion and her misleading ways, how she is full of the blood of the innocent and how all the meek of the earth who want to server God Jehovah should get out of her, the great harlot of false religion. It\’s some very deep biblical prophecy that plainly shows that we should choose life and change course. It really is not about religion but a clean standing before God, and to him you also need to congregate with others of like-mind who follow his commandments from the bible. If you concluded that mainstream Christianity has unclean practices you have the responsibility before God to ACT and flee. But you can only conclude by studying his word and seeking his aid by praying for Holy spirit, being humble in heart and having Faith in HIS provisions. Those who were former Jw\’s who chose to leave because they were stumbled need to realize that Jehovah is still the true God and he still guides his faithful ones and that they need to reconcile their doubts with Him and not by pointing a finger to other humans, because then they are just like the parable of the man who points at the straw in his brother\’s eye and overlooks the rafter in his own eye. Can you see when you are blinded by your own imperfection? Be the judge yourself.

    And I just remembered, it is impossible that in 2000 any true Jw\’s were celebrating Christmas because it has been instructed for over 40 years (My father was born in the truth in \’62 and NEVER celebrated Christmas with any JW\’s I ever met). The simple line of reasoning goes back to getting out of false religion, the bible accounts of Jesus never say what his birthdate is and he said to his followers to commemorate His death as it marked the redemption of ALL humankind who would benefit himself by doing all that is written. Jesus did not instruct any other festivities. Now the early first century Christians after some years in the first century allowed discord and other problems to open a way for unscriptural practices, amongs which the Christianization of the Harvest Festival to the Sun God of the time in Rome, which started on the 25th of December. (Look it up). This was then re-labeled as Christmas. Many other celebrations and Holidays have similar backgrounds and are rejected by Jw\’s around the world based on their bible-trained conscience. It is encouraged based on the bible, but not dictated!

    In short, ladies and gents of the jury who will rebuke the Jw\’s as a people in faith, open your bible, read it ponder and test as to the truth of these things judge for yourselves and become wise or not… but only Jehovah will be your judge, no one else and this counts for MJ in life, seeing he has died, he might have a better hope than us… because death is what sin pays and he has paid for his sins already, and whatever his heart condition was only Jehovah knows and so it is far beyond anyone to be able to say what will or will not happen to him.

  33. It’s really a wonderful opportunity to be called one of Jehovah’s servant. I’ve been wondering, if Michael Jackson never left the Jehovah as a faithful servant, he would still be leaving and not dead. May Jah be with us all

  34. I cannot believe that the parents could get custody of the children, given MJ’s accounts of just how abusive his father was. Will the siblings stand up?

  35. I’m with you VirusHead I’m suprised that Jacko’s parents got custody of his kids especially if Jacko’s dad really did abuse him.

    I’ve been hearing on the radio at my job that the kids are with children of their own age if they are going to be raised as JWs then I hope that congration has plently of kids there as I doubt they will be allowed to have non-JW friends. I remember that always being discouraged in the Watchtower & Awake magazines.

    Take this Young People Ask question that was in the last JW mag I have ever read

  36. I only wish that all JW would one day realize that Jesus is indeed God. That is the premise of the entire Bible. Lord Jesus was there from the beginning and will forever be, Amen!

  37. Zack or anyone who wants to answer: I hope you don’t mind me asking this but is there anything in the bible to back up what you said about Jesus being God?

    As the idea of the trinity has never made much sense to me even before joining the JWs. In fact this lack of belief in the trinity was what stopped me going to another church as I didn’t want to just go thourgh the motions.

    Pandora Moon

  38. Wow what a great place to express your feelings. I have a view points and anyone is welcome to give me some advise. First of all I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was baptized and then life went down from there. I was sick in and out of the hospital. Hardly any witnesses came to see me. I had more friends from school and employers come see me. Then I found out my mom was having an affair and my parents got divorced. The elders told my dad there needs to be definite proof because my dad found out about it in her journal. Well he ended up having to put cameras in our house to get proof. Well she got Df’d my parents split. I was told i wasn’t suppose to talk about why my mom was disfellowshipped and why my parents were getting divorced. I was i think 16. Mom had court visitation every other weekend but the elders didn’t want me “talking” to her. I mean yeah shes my mom but i wasn’t suppose to go out of my way to talk to her basically. Then I graduated high school. A week later my best friend from school was in a car accident. She wasn’t a witness but a good smart girl. I sat in the hospital for two days. The doctors even asked me and our other friend what we wanted to do (pull the plug or leave her as a vegetable) After a long talk and prayer we decided to let her go. She was too bright to leave in that condition. I still remember what she looked like laying in that hospital bed after she passed. I had a really hard time dealing with her death. Since she wasn’t a witness i was told by people at the congregation it was inappropriate to talk about her as a friend. That she wasn’t a good association. Well I understand the whole not being a part of the world but give me a break. She was a human being and my friend. I grew so distant from everyone because no body would help me. We had hospitality at our house almost once a month but no body called to have my father over for dinner after my mom left. I didn’t know how to deal with anything at the time so i started hanging out with friends from school and those who knew my friend. This lead to smoking pot. For those view minutes i forgot about the pain and was “happy”. I cleaned up and went to the elders for help but was disfellowshiped myself. That was five years ago almost. Since then i drifted deeply into drugs. however after a while the pain was still there. So i got clean and started to deal with everything. I have so much pain. I was molested by a jehovah’s witnesses when i was eight. It took me 11 years to admit to my mother. I did tell the elders but my then the kid moved away. I don’t know what happened with it but i don’t have proof after 11 years. Just the emotional scars. Also when i was born my dad called my grandma to tell her and she hung up on him. I have always felt like no body cared about me in my family. I’m not saying that all Jehovah’s witnesses are bad. I believe what the bible teaches. My problem is Jesus taught to love your neighbor and support the congregation however where was everyone when i needed help. When i was sick, when my mom left, when my friend died. I was alone and lost. I didn’t know what i wanted or what i really believed at 16. I wish i could take it all back, my sins. But i know i’m stronger now and i can deal with things more. My biggest thing is i need answers. If it is such a loving religion and congregation sometimes they have a funny way of showing it. Also some of the books are so outdated. Like the young people ask book. I mean I know alot of jehovah’s witnesses are sheltered and don’t know whats out there. Thats the problem. They almost need to write a book by someone who was in the world that came back or something. So they have that other side of perspective. That way the young ones are more prepared for the pressures of the world. I thought i would never smoke and do drugs. But man it was so easy to start with what i was going through at the time. No where to turn. I tried talking to the elders and people in the congregation but they didn’t know how to react or know what to say. Its not common for people to get divorced or have affairs. As far the michael jackson. I don’t know if he was JW or not. However i will say that only Jehovah knows who will be resurrected or not. He is the only one who reads hearts and minds and know us better then we know ourselves. Jehovah’s witnesses need to build each other first and stop worrying about what THEY think about other people like if he was a JW or not. Its not up to us but Jehovah. JW’s can only spread the word of god and leave it in Jehovah’s hands. if anyone has any thoughts on my situation or what i went through please email me at

  39. Amen to what Zack said. Jesus is God. He came to me in the oddest of places and told me so. the Holy Spirit has shown VHead out of false teaching and a cult. I only wish people in denominations would look at the doctrines, and their lifestyles and compare that to what the Holy Spirit says. In the beginning was the Word. It will remain what it is no matter how twisted anyone makes it. Much suffering was casued in Michaels life and his siblings lives simply becasue of the false teachings of authorities that distorted the true God, (2nd Peter ch.2) Jesus Christ.
    I truly belive Michael was part of the invisible church no matter how his religion shunned him. God has made every soul,made Michael\’s beautiful soul that brought so much happiness, and desires that all men come to him.

  40. Michael Jackson was never baptised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can’t be disfellowshipped if you’ve never been baptized.
    I know family of his in Kansas…he’s NEVER BEEN BAPTIZED AS ONE OF JEHOVAHS WITNESSES. He DID go door-to-door as a child and before Thriller; however, after that he fell away.
    Joe Jackson is not and has never been a witness. Michael’s mother is and the children used to attend the hall with her. This doesn’t make someone a servant of Jehovah.

    Just because someone ATTENDS a Kingdom Hall doesn’t make them one of Jehovah’s Witnesses any more than someone attending a Catholic church makes someone Catholic.

    If your child is being molested…it’s YOUR job to report this to the authorities. If a parent decides to not do this…this is their fault, I’m sorry. If it were my child, I would report it…no questions. I do believe that is where the parents hold responsibility for their own children. I think any accusation against the society for “hiding” this is completely FALSE and twisted. If this happened in my Kingdom Hall…I well know how it would be handled. Trust me when I say that it would NOT be covered over at ALL. I know firsthand.

  41. Well, I respect your opinions, but I must say that I really appreciate people who are JW because they tried to live as God says, not what other human orders. Of course, no one is perfect. Remember they are also humans, so if one of them makes a mistake, it doesn’t mean the whole group is the same. God is only one, and Jesus is the only one who we can consider a model. So let’s try to follow His example.
    About Michael Jackson? I’ve always wondered if he really became a JW, I’ve just found opinions without a clear evidence. Anyway he was also a human. God is the only one who can judge us. Let Him do His job.
    I’d like to receive your comments. This is my msn:
    I liked most of the comments, specially of these people that I listed below, I hope we can keep in touch. Please feel free to add me, my email is above.
    Greetings to:
    Tom Rook
    daniele & romayne
    and some others …

  42. I am sure that the JW are serious people and that there are few people to practice their faith to turn someone else bad. But we must realize that MJ faced both different and harder considerations other than we “ordinary” people did. His mother’s faith and his own attempt to satisfy his own ideals and the other ones that were in the Assembly while he had a father who demanded hard achievements in entertainment world says a lot about the contradictions he must have known in himself. We may still hope that he experienced happiness and harmony in life through the music that gave so much joy to so many. We must try not to judge and to ensure the good he tried to achieve through his music.

  43. Having attended funeral services given by Baptists, UCC, Methodists, Catholic, one southern demination that featured speaking in tounges and tambourines, three given by JW elders and one where everyone present was invited to share their thoughts about the deceased for three minutes which became a free-for-all.

    The services given by the elder seemed gentlest on the grief stricken families. One was given at a Kingdom Hall that Great Aunt “Ada” was a witness for 40 years.

    The other two were for a Great Aunt and cousin who were not witnesses. Because they were not witnesses the services could not be at the Kingdom Hall and as far as I know there were no other issues. My Great Aunt liked the service her sister “Ada” had and asked her husband and children to have the same elder give her service.

    My cousin was not religous at all. She died broke with no insurance and no way to pay for a funeral her daughters contacted my Great Aunt’s “Ada’s” congregation and an elder volunteered his services.

    The UCC service was tasteful the Catholic service in Latin as requested by that cousin and only a few family members who studied latin could follow along with the mass. The Baptist preacher seemed to be yelling and had a back up band. The other southern denomination had people praising, hollering and getting the holy ghost the funeral seemed to happen around these events. The share your feelings service was the worst as no one who got up to share including his wife had anything nice to say about man who died.

    Just my perspective and Michael’s family probably selected a service that would be gentle on his mother.

    1. I think they had a JW funeral because his parents were JWs and I don’t see any record that he was disfellowshipped either. However, I don’t really know how the decisions were made.

  44. I know his mom and sister are witnesses. The Jackson family movie produced by one of the brother’s, Marlon I believe, made it clear that the father was not a witness. I have also never read that he was anywhere.

    My comments about why they selected the service were speculation. I am sure it was probably because of his mother’s devotion and possibly to have a gentle service for the kids.

  45. I am shocked. How come the family takes decisions to show Michaels children already going to the JWs in L.A: I’m really sad. I’m not having anything against religion and people having faith in God but for now I just think the children is used for giving JWs publicity and to give JW more status as an established Christian organisation. It’s sad, so sad, especially for the children who is not even used to live in this way.

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