Drama at the Poetry Forum

Drama at the Poetry Forum

[–06/25/06 – It’s almost a year later! – With this post, I inadvertently stepped into an extended flame war. It’s still going on, if you can believe it. I’m leaving the post up because I don’t like to delete my posts, and in any case I was simply recording the reality of my own experience. As you will see if you care to scroll to the last comment, the situation between Rose and myself was eventually resolved to our mutual agreement. I really don’t care about the hostilities (either defensive or aggressive), and would prefer to be left out of it. Comments on this post are closed. –]

Ever have an experience online with someone who can’t communicate in a reasonable fashion? I was just invited, both by guestbook and by email, to join this women’s writing community. When I looked at the legal terms, I decided not to join. What followed really surprised me.

Here is the invite I got by email:

Hello, I would like to take this time to invite you to join Today’s Woman Writing community. We are a supportive online community for men and women over 18. We have many features such as a poetry and story board , authors interviews , calls for submission , interactive forums, dictionary , regular columns , writing lessons , book store , book reviews and many more features. There is no cost to joining. I look very forward to welcoming you as a new member. Come be apart of a community where you can share your writing with other adults.


Well, I was a bit skeptical, not least because of the irregular commas, typos like “Sincrerely,” and the familiar errors of “no cost to joining” and “apart of.” I understand that when you’re trying to invite new members to an online community it’s easy to be hurried and a bit sloppy, so I checked it out anyway. The site is nicely designed, but the first article I saw claimed that poets should always use “understandable language.” Well, sometimes great poets do and sometimes they don’t. Accessible language, if used well, can be fine. Then again there are times when it is more useful or aesthetically pleasing to be a bit opaque. In any case, it wasn’t a great first impression. I went to register for the forum. Before I signed off on the terms of service, I read them.

Some people don’t read the terms of service. I usually do. I wrote the following reply:

Thank you for your invitation!

However, a published poet should never agree to your terms of service, which include:

“(a) you agree to grant to us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive right and license (including any moral rights or other necessary rights) to use, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, perform, promote, archive, translate, and to create derivative works and compilations, in whole or in part. Such license will apply with respect to any form, media, technology known or later developed;”

Sorry, my work is mine.

Thanks anyway,

Seemed kind of semi-polite to me. Here was the part I didn’t agree to, and so I didn’t feel comfortable joining. I might simply have ignored her invitation, but I felt that it would be polite to give some feedback on an important issue to writers of any kind. Rose turned out to be the founder, and this was her response:

Obviously you do not understand the terms of service and obviously you did not read further. Let me correct your ignorance.

My “ignorance”? She included FAQ (number 48, no less) in her reply, so it seems as though this issue has come up before.

What does section 7 of terms and service mean?

I think the general confusion is based around the belief that Todays-Woman would be taking over the rights of content submitted on the Todays-Woman site. You give us a royalty-free and non-exclusive right – which means we don’t pay a licensing fee for the content and our agreement is non-exclusive. This clause points out you are the owner of your work and hold all rights to your content. You grant marketing and advertising, provided Todays-Woman credits you and/or the original artist as actual owner of the content added. By marketing I mean permission to promote you in advertisement or print one of your articles, poetry , stories in our newsletter. We run ads and promotions to drive traffic to our member’s websites. Such as writer of the month , press releases interviews etc. If you or Todays-Woman.net terminate your account, Todays-Woman will remove any of the content you have submitted to Todays-Woman within 48 hours, you also have the option to remove your work should you terminate your account. Once you cancel your relationship with us, we can no longer post your content.

What rights do you ask for?

By submitting a poem or story to Todays-Woman.net , You retain all copyrights to your poem or story. You are only giving Todays-Woman.net non-exclusive rights to post your writing in the following section Todays-Woman website, archives and in digital print media, such as our newsletter. By submitting your poem or story you understand that we will act in our best judgment and remove any work if it does not fall within our existing guidelines. If you would like to remove your work anytime from Todays-Woman.net you have the option to delete your own work.

After cutting and pasting from the faq, she added the following in a different font:

Now I do believe you owe me an apology. We have no desire to take your work and several published poets have agree to our terms that are the same terms set out by anyone who operates a forum board as we do. I suggest you look closely at ezboard’s terms.

Well, I don’t use their board either. Arguments to authority have never been terribly persuasive to me. This is a support community for contemporary female poets? Sheesh. So (sorry if this is getting boring – skip to the next post if you like) I wrote back the following:

As a woman of today – and a feminist – I’m a bit taken aback by your response. Despite my deep “ignorance,” I am aware of some of the legal matters involved in your clause.

In fact, whether or not my content is “taken down,” this clause gives you the right to do whatever you want with any member’s poetry, in perpetuity, without paying permissions royalties or profits – despite anything else that may follow. It means that you don’t even need my permission to publish it in any book, periodical, or any other format media. A conventional publisher does not have this kind of clause. A forum is a different entity than a publisher, I realize that. However, it is my choice and my option to make all decisions about rights to my poetry. If the clause does not mean what it says, then it needs to be reworded by a legal professional who will incorporate the “explanation” into the actual wording of the legal agreement.

And no, I’m afraid you don’t get an apology – although normally I would try to work toward greater understanding. Such condescension as you have offered to me does not immediately invoke the need or desire to apologize. A person who understands language and courtesy does not offer to “correct ignorance,” and in any case my comments only quoted your own terms and asserted my right of decision on these matters.

I might well have been inclined to join had your terms and or/response been different. Perhaps you might confer with others on your staff to see how this might be avoided in future.
Best wishes anyway,

The note I back from that was almost rageful.

No it does not and I suggest that you go to yahoo.com, hotmail.com, ezboards.com, invision board, cafepress.com and read their disclaimer. We are not a publisher. We are a writing community, where you share your work and we also have a forum board that is why that disclaimer is in place. It covers our butt.

Our declaimer was worded by a lawyer and you are out of line. As for your joining my community, you are no longer welcomed.

As for an apology, I did not expect to receive one, as you can not see or understand your own ignorance.

As for my staff, feel free to email any of them and they will explain to you, the same thing that I have.

This conversation is over.

Well, all righty then. I’m no longer “welcomed.” Glad to have found out the nature of the thing before I handed over any of my poems. Should they decide to publish a collection, like my other community did, they wouldn’t need to get permissions or have signed contracts or anything at all. It does indeed “cover” them – much too well, in my opinion.

Perhaps it is intended as a hobby-group? Perhaps English is the founder’s second language? I still think that the basic motive of the site could well be a good one. Still, if that’s the way the founder responds, you could probably do better.

Care to share a similar experience with miscommunications on the net? I have a feeling such problems are not terribly uncommon.

17 thoughts on “Drama at the Poetry Forum

  1. I’ve had this happen to me, in different contexts: Someone blows my email response out of proportion, decides he or she has been “wronged,” and just WON’T let it go. Sounds like an infantile need to “have the last word” from a “writer” who can’t write worth a damn (or understand a legal contract).

  2. The only one who could not understand a legal contract was the owner of this blog.

    Comment from Heidi at VirusHead:

    Ahh… Rose responds.

    Perhaps if you added a clause stating the limited uses that you would make of the author’s productions, it might be acceptable. However, you specify “perpetual” rights, not only for your forum and for marketing and such as you claim, but also for license of “any form, media, or technology known or later developed.” This in fact gives you license, without recompense or additional permissions, to publish a contributor’s poetry in any form, even if they have left the forum.

    Not only that, but under these terms it is specified that you may “display, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, perform, promote, archive, translate, and to create derivative works and compilations, in whole or in part.” That’s a pretty darned broad license. As long as you credited the poets, you wouldn’t need permission to use their poems any way you want as long as they had been posted to the forum at some point. You say that you wouldn’t – but your terms do not.

    Suppose you created a pornographic magazine littered with poems from the forum – you have been granted any and all rights to do so! Participants even waive “moral” rights. Suppose you wanted to translate poems into another language and sell them in another country – I would have waived my rights to be involved in the process.

    Your terms cover you for a range of possibilities – too wide a range. My experience is that most writers just like to have a little more control over their work in terms of intellectual property. Your contract, whether lifted in whole or in part from other sources, is just not one that I would agree to without some major revisions.

    In any case, my objection is based on a valid interpretation of your terms as written. Anyone can go to your forum and read them for themselves.

  3. Rose is well known throughout the writing/poetry community for her lack of common sense, poor spelling and grammar and generally ignorant attitude. She has already managed to get herself kicked out of just about every writing/poetry forum on the internet. Don’t bother trying to get her to understand anything as she is unable to see beyond her hugely inflated ego. ~Indigo

  4. I was recently contacted by Rose DesRochers to visit and join Today’s Woman. I was then asked if I would contribute an article. Being an internet publisher myself, I said sure. I’m happy to help out a fellow internet rag. Before I knew it, was being badgered about when it would be ready for publication, as if it were an emergency. As I have a family, full-time employment, attend college full-time and am in the middle of remodeling both of my internet publications, my free time is limited. Unfortunately, I was not able to write the piece in as timely a manner as I wished, taking a week to find the time to finish the requested article. I submitted said article, which I wrote as a favor to her, this afternoon. A few hours later, Rose wants to chat with me by IM. At the same time, I’m talking on the phone with a reporter in Florida and have little attention-span left to devote to her IM message. While I’m talking with the highly professional and pleasant reporter, she proceeds to go off on a rant via instant messenger, insulting my manhood, informing me that my word is no good and cancels my membership (I joined at her request) in Today’s Woman.

    Ummm, okay. Nice.

    In true cowardly fashion, she ends her rant by telling me I don’t need to respond. Being a glutton for punishment and apparently not too bright, I responded anyway and informed her that I had already submitted an article for her review. At this point in the IM beat-down I was receiving, I was no longer interested in participating in her website. However, I was interested in observing where this meltdown would end up. So, she apologized. I then informed her that what she did was insulting and unsatisfactory behavior. She then told me that I insulted her by not emailing to inform her I couldn’t finish the piece by the date I set for myself.

    Well, a few things to consider with regard to her perceived “insult.”

    1 – I am not getting paid by Today’s Woman. Anything I would have contributed to her website was for her benefit. I’m not in need of additional clips of that type for my portfolio.
    2 – Rose approached me to join.
    3 – Immediately after joining, she began pitching me hard to write an article for the website.
    4 – Rose attached a false urgency to the request. Unlike me, she doesn’t publish issues on a set calendar. Further, the website had constant new content during the week between her request for an article and my submission of said article.
    5 – When I was unable to meet the request in less than a week’s time from introduction to submission, Rose chose to insult my manhood, basically called me a liar, and then cancelled the membership I obtained at her request. Then she apologized and cried victim.

    Now, I’m no Rupert Murdoch, but I have been publishing online since early 1997 and have learned a few things along the way. Among the authors included in my internet magazines are Ph.D. scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, international civil liberties activists, published novelists and nonfiction authors. In fact, many of these individuals, or their representatives, initially contacted me with content submissions. As my publications pay in exposure and furtherance of one’s viewpoint or message rather than financially, I greatly appreciate every submission and deal with each author as if they are my saving grace for that particular issue. I see no reason to insult authors who are contributing to my publications without financial gain. Whether they complete a project in the timeframe I wish, or not, is irrelevant to the fact that they are volunteering their time without significant compensation. So, in exchange for their free content, I am sometimes at the mercy of their hectic schedules. The trade-off for such flexibility is cost-free, high quality submissions. Insulting someone holds no gain for me and it certainly does nothing to build goodwill in the industry. Further, its just plain rude.

    Rose asked me to write for her, badgered me about a submission date when it was not necessary to do so, and has now alienated yet another individual involved in online publishing. In spite of all the typos and poor grammar that plague her website, I was still willing to contribute an occasional article or commentary. That was shot to pieces in a few short moments, as she unloaded both barrels on me via instant messenger.

    And what was her gain? The Hell if I know, but I certainly wish I’d ignored that first email.

  5. Hello, I found this post based on an entry in the poetryscams.com guestbook. You are absolutely right when you say, “I have a feeling such communications are not terribly uncommon.” If you would like some creepy entertainment, be sure to visit the shrine dedicated to me and my husband on the “Writer’s Warnings” on Todays-woman.net. I’m not the only one, though, who understands your disbelief at this woman’s communication skills (by that, I’m not only talking about grammar). There are forums on Writersweekly.com dedicated to the utter shock at how this woman handles relations.

    She had even gotten into a fit because someone on another forum brought up the fact that she considers herself to be a poetess. The person who challenged her use of that word pointed out that, by using that gender-specific form of the word poet, she is in a sense, demeaning the ability of female poets. She became quite ruffled at such a challenge and began crying victim to her members on her website.

    She has indeed alienated herself from some of the most successful writing communities on the Internet, including, but certainly not limited to, Writersweekly.com, Bradymagazine.com, PreditorsandEditors.com, ABCtales.com, Pathetic.org, Fictionfactor.com, Etc.

    If you want to know something really eerie, I am willing to bet that this entry is going to be captured and planted atop her shrine of screen captures that are all about me and my husband.

    In case you’re curious, our own little debacle started when my husband blacklisted her for her rude responses regarding his questioning her poor link placement of our website. (Ugh, that was an awkward sentence).

    All went quiet and peaceful until my husband recently made a random comment about her writing abilities.

    Wheew, I just vented on you. I apologize for that.

  6. Wow – seems that I really hit on a person who has communication problems all around! Thanks for the comments from Indigo, James and Devrie – very validating of my own experience and judgment. I had been thinking that perhaps she was just having a bad day!

  7. I got booted off of her website, apparently, for reading all the ridiculas posts and information about the Devrie and her husband. They just booted me off of the website–no explanation. She is one of those psychopathic entities one runs into and backs away slowly from…

  8. Hi Devrie, and hi all. Rose has kicked many, many off. I have kept a journal of copy and paste of everything I could find related to her, before it could be deleted. I also saved every email from her to me.

    Rose kicked me off as I became aware (from the rants on her own forums) concerning Devrie and Jeff. Therefore, I googled it, and it was amazing, and frightful. My mothers works were on TW, and she is deceased, and my family would be very concerned if her works were on a site that was in battles with so many other websites. Therefore, I wrote her a very kind letter stating that I wanted her poems removed, and why. The war started. It was if she never read the letter, but became the victim.
    My letter below.

    “Dear Rose,

    How my heart breaks as all this fighting and bickering goes on with you and other Literary sites. It has been so much for me to bare just to research this, which I have, and for you to fight this, and Shawn as well. And so many others on other sites.

    Rose, I want to tell you so much. I so hope what I say you will not interpret it wrong. I think, and have for a long time, that you are a fabulous poet. You express your words so clear and so heartfelt strong of what you are feeling. And you are doing a grand job of doing so. Your poems touch the hearts of so many to include myself. Personally, I think you should concentrate well on your works of what you are doing with your poems and feelings, as they come out so clear.

    I have not put any poems on or commented as of late due to the fights that you and others are having due to the fact that it takes me much time, consideration (and of late, loss of sleep) to put things together in my mind and how I feel. And even while I write this email to you, I am still not sure to a total degree, on all sides of what I have read and what I feel. There is always two sides to a coin. And anything anyone says, no matter who, needs to be investigated and given proper attention to.

    There are many things I want to say to you, but am concerned if what I say, might make you feel that you are backed into a corner and still need to defend. I do not want you to have to defend yourself to me, as it is not important, but just understand yourself and learn an experience with yourself of what is going on. I am sure if my mom was here, she could help me write this email so much better, as she had the wisdom that your mom also had, but it is only me, and I suffer through the email, concerned if I am adding fuel to the problem or not expressing it right.

    I have so much I want to say to you, to advise, to show I understand, to cry, etc. etc. So, in response to that, let me just say that I LOVE Todays Woman and what you have done with it, as well as Shawn. I love the fact that you write on personal things such as your mom whom you loved so much and admired so much. I love the fact that you write on such an emotional subject of losing a child, so close to your heart, and never miss even one day of loving and missing her. All your life, and evermore. I love the fact that TW is so easy friendly, set up to attract and interact poets that come there. I love the way that a point system is involved to rate others in a fair manner. I love the games, I love reading the poems and the discipline that you have made important that we all should use and abide by. There is so much that I love or like about TW, I am sure I left things out.

    Yet, on the trepidation on the other side of the coin, I am worried about such a fight going on with so many and so many harsh and hateful words going on with you and others. It pulls heart strings with me to see such post from others as well as you. I do not think it wise to post things about other sites that has not been researched well. And even if they have, I think it unwise to post remarks about them, as you are the Owner and Administrator of your site, and it is only calling for a battle, as well as hurtful feelings, tears, emotions, etc. The cussing, the name calling, the battles from all, including you, is not professional, and only makes matters worse for all involved. I really think, I truly think that you were out to protect others, but it got out of hand. And was not done in the proper way of research and laws, and so much more. And anger made its angry statement of “no longer getting anywhere, as the forest was deeper than the trees”.

    I have so much I want to tell you, I want to support you, I want to help you, and I want to understand. I care about you and the other poets I have met on your site. But, I do not know how to do this without writing a book expressing my feelings, both good and bad.

    After much thought and consideration and loss of sleep and talks with my husband, as well as myself, I have finally decided to do this, and I hope it is agreeable with you. I need all my mothers post removed, as I do not want her words involved with disagreements with other sites. I am, as you are, very protective of my mother, and actually now, it could become a battle with my own family in the run of it all to have her poems and works posted here, in a battle on a site where her works are read. Very long story.

    I would like to stay. I would like to post my poems, as they are not that good anyway and I have nothing to loose. I like the poets I have meet here. I like the fact that my life changed and I started to write again. I like TW and want to give it a chance. At least for me.

    I want to say so much to make you understand, but I can only come up with these words at this point. I do want to add though, one last comment. It may anger you, or comfort you.

    You and Shawn have put together a professional website for poets to come and interact together. Do not loose sight of that. If you both are having problems with other sites, do it with thought of what they are, and spend time on how to handle them. Do not stoop to levels to upset what you have worked for, and continue to work for in the future. For yourself as others, the members. Do not get involved with fights that will not go away ~ “using words to fuel them to continue”. Be (or try to be) professional in everything you do and say and write and respond with to others. In the long run, it will matter.

    Care and hoping for bright futures for all that worked hard for those sparks. Especially you.


    Her reply “JKatie you added them you Remove them as I am the victim here not you , not mr paris no one else ME. Now Jeff Paris has gone after my book.

    So you do whatever you must do to protect you but my book is in memory of my mom and this man is slowly taking from me my life.”

    My reply ” OK Rose, I don’t know how to remove them. Can you tell me how? Thanks, Katie” And her~”Contact Steve or look on site help and thanks for sticking it to me up the butt. I feel like I have been sent to prison for a crime I have not done. How would you feel if they did this to you and your mother.” And I could go on and on with this. Anyway, when I went in to remove her poems, I was blocked. No membership. I had to have spies go in and tell me when everything was removed, which took several days.

    Now, I really did meet some nice people there, and up until that point, I had no idea that Rose could behave so badly. She has issues, and they are all over the net. If not, then all over my computer saved. I really did miss TW to a degree. The only thing I have in common is love for a mother. I do not doubt that she loved her mother very much, and at times, I have even sent her emails concerning poems on mothers.

    Rose does have a good site, well put together and easy to navigate. The problem is, I think she will eventually loose it due to her behavior and rants on others. Hundreds are sick of her whining (give her some cheese)
    and always the one to be the victim.


  9. Wow…seems everywhere I go on the web, I run into former members of TW…and their stories all reflect what I ran into, in the two months I was a member. So, it stands to reason that I don’t have to reiterate, and bore you with my episode–just reread all that has been written concerning her and her husband, and insert my name. Too bad for the unsuspecting that there isn’t a blinking neon sign beside their website saying: Beware, the thorns!!

  10. I was a member for one or two whole weeks before I got the boot. I still don’t know why, but I can’t say I’m all that sorry about it. I made it perfectly clear that I’m a gay woman, yet one of the administrators sent me a private message to check out an erotic poem by Rose. I was completely offended, but let it slide. I wish now I’d said something to that guy.

    Rose’s reply to my complaint was, “I’m not his messenger, tell him yourself.” Nice. Great support.

    I’m steering clear of sites like that now, believe me.

  11. Ahhh, Rose. She posted more than 800 complaints on Scam.com before they booted her off. She’s just a rotten human being – plain and simple. She has been kicked off of many forums and has made more enemies than your average dictactor. On one forum I belonged to, she was usually pretty quick to point out (and laugh at, with “ROFLMAO”) other people’s typos, completely ignorant of her own status as nearly functionally illiterate.

    Just to give you a chuckle, a few months ago she posted an article all over the internet that said “I believe life begins at the moment of CONTRACEPTION.” People pointed it out to her, but she just informed them they were ignorant and should learn how to read. She also sent out several “cease and exist” letters a while back.

    Her entire identity is completely defined by the internet and online wars and attacks. At no time since I met her online two years ago has she ever NOT been fighting with someone on the internet. She even went on to a site for people grieving the loss of a loved one and caused all sorts of problems there with her evil and nastiness. She also wrote an article bragging about how she broke up some woman’s marriage by contacting the woman’s husband and informing him the woman was having an online affair. If you know Rose, you’ll realize that she rarely understands what she reads and refuses to accept this fact, or try to educate herself – so one only has to wonder if what Rose did to these people was even based on any fact.

  12. Wow…and the list goes on, as I am still discovering! Well, I am proud to say that I am over the thorny bush…dug it up, roots and all and burned it!! Scattered the ashes, so it will never reseed in my life. That woman will get her just dues some day, and those of us who were victimized, and then villified and lied about, will be there to witness the truth when it is broadcast to the whole of mankind. I feel sorry for someone who has such an insatiable need to lift herself by the use of lies and slander, born out of jealousy and envy and at the expense of others. Sad. But boy does it feel good to be free…and vindicated by so many who now know the truth!

  13. I wonder how people can spend so much time ranting and raving
    and goes on and on about someone they obviously dislike.
    Hate is too strong a word to use.

    Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? If Rose is
    what you say she is, why waste your time dissecting her
    vileness, vicousness and OHH yes, her bad grammar and spelling.
    If you were so perfect, why bother with an imperfect member
    of the human species? Ignoring her would be the best thing,
    she’ll vanish to oblivion.Isn’t that what you want?
    Why not complain to iSnare why the hell they are accepting
    her articles and I might add she’s a prolific writer.

    I guess some adults find pleasure in cutting other people
    in rips and strips. They must believe that they are beyond
    criticism for they are perfect.

    What on earth do you really care???
    Next thing I know I’ll be on a hit list , like Rose.


  14. Hit list? Jeepers.

    My original post was written after I was taken aback by the hostility I encountered. I hadn’t really run into that before in writer’s groups on the net, and I was truly shaken to have it come from a source purporting to be about supporting women’s writing efforts.

    I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the legal terms were pretty clear and I didn’t really want to give her the leeway to use my work in any way that she pleased without getting my written permission. The first response corrected my “ignorance” and it went downhill from there. I don’t know Rose personally and have no vendetta or even resentment at this point, but the further comments here from a range of people suggest that I wasn’t the only one to be treated this way.

    Of course, an apology would go a long way, but I never really expected to get one. I have no desire for her to “vanish into oblivion” nor do I consider my post to have cut her “in rips and strips.” My post was a factual one.

    On the other hand, here you are, seeming to have some personal investment – with no email or website, just your IP from Toronto… But I’m guessing that you’re a member of Rose’s group. Surprising vitriol from a golden cup.

  15. Hello Virus Head, as you already know, I was not aware Bonnie commented in your blog. Yes, Bonnie is an active member of our community and her comments were directed more towards those commenting, I think and not so much at you. Either way, I don’t condone it. However, I can’t tell a grown woman what to do.

    For the record, I am sorry that you did not receive my earlier email apologizing and informing you that our terms of service had been updated.

    They’ve been changed for sometime now.

    I admit that I was unfamiliar with what rights to request. Like any new business, one will make mistakes along the way. I thought that we were requesting the correct rights, as many informed us that we were. This has certainly been an eye opening experience. We now request that the author, grant Todays-Woman.net the non-exclusive electronic rights only to publish and archive their work for the purposes of making it available to the general public. I thank you once again for bringing this issue to me and I am glad that we were able to resolve this issue.

    As for the comments on your blog from Devrie Paradowski (Jeffery Paris’s wife) and several of her friends, all I can do is direct you to my writers warning section of Today’s Woman for further reading. It is there that you the writer may make your own decisions based on the information provided. http://www.todays-woman.net/poetry-scams-51.html

    Thank you for allowing me to comment. I wish you the best.


  16. I invited Rose to comment on the blog after she emailed me about the last commenter.

    Part of my email: “I have always felt that when people make a mistake they deserve another chance. I made only the one blog post on the matter, and in no way was I “targeting” you as it seems others may have done. If you like, comment on the blog post itself. I will let your comment stand and close out further comments. People may want to know that the legals have been updated, for instance. As a matter of policy I do not delete the posts or comments that have already been made – but we can show others that we could work it out between us. I really do appreciate that you wrote, Rose. It means a lot to me.”

    She has accepted the invitation, and this post is now closed for further comments.

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