Progressive Faith Bloggers Carnival 7

Progressive Faith Bloggers Carnival 7

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006 Carnival

Welcome to the 7th Carnival of Progressive Faith Bloggers! Join us if you would like to participate in future carnivals. Your host next week is Pearlbear’s Blog. Contact Michelle directly with a "Carnival Post" email or submit your blog link and description to ProgFaithCarnival – at – with "Carnival Link" in the title.

I was planning on making this more of a narrative post, but the topics this week were very wide-ranging. The round-up is more concise than descriptive. I encourage you to go read the posts. Please feel free to comment with additional post links. Without further ado, then:


Baraka at Truth and Beauty questions whether revulsion is the best response with a witty, sweet defense of piglets and love hounds. Sometimes even the lowliest of animals can hold the key to Heaven or an explanation of our connection to God.

Eternal Peace outlines a two-tiered Tonglen meditative practice in which one breathes in the pain of others and breathes out a sending of relief and joy – but it’s the second level of the practice that got my attention.

Connecting with the voice of the infinite in our lives is pondered – with the aid Paul Tillich – at Even the Devils Believe (see also the top ten list of ikons for theologians).

Daniel at Radical Torah is also thinking about the singular Voice which arises in each individual – in a post on the radical, yet grounded, subjectivity of Judaism.

On grounding (in relation to rock/stone in particular), see an interesting instruction on alter construction from the book of Exodus, and take a look at photographs of the patient stones of Glendalough at Hoarded Ordinaries.

Think Buddha considers a challenging question of the relative ease or difficulty of ethics in a Western context.

Planet Grenada muses on Sunni-Shia tensions and hopes during Muharram (the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar), and Another Country interprets Lent as a time to establish new habits for spiritual growth.

Radical Hapa considers race in the context of the delusion of national innocence, and No More Apples expands on what it would mean to have "more of those apples" now that innocence is gone. reports on Prime Minister Olmert’s annexation of the Jordan Valley, and comments on its injustice.

Richard at Tikun Olam comments on a recent political statement that compared stem cell research to the Holocaust, Nazi torture science, and slavery.

Xpatriated Texan considers heating costs and the politics of Citgo oil from Venezuela. At Blue Texas, he posts on the "Kinky" stalking horse hypothesis, and at the Progressive Populist he proposes the interresponsibility of ourselves with one another as the foundation of progressive values. Tammany on the Hudsom notes the low level of ethical understanding exhibited by pleading ignorance to an obvious conflict of interest.

LA Mom points out that the Bush administration can’t have it both ways for UN inspectors at Guantanamo.

Mainstream Baptist reports on proposed Oklahoma state legislation for state distribution of funding to faith-based organizations, despite strong prohibitions in its constitution.

At Cross Left Jo posts ten things that technology can help coordinate between progressive organizations, and ScottPaeth reflects on lessons from Bonhoeffer.

The Corner posts on subverting hierarchies and exploring the interpretational acts of a network nodal mode of power, and Pearlbear’s Blog connects the dots for a new conspiracy theory of entertainment media control and command technology.

Father Jake Stops the World takes a look at spiritual shifts and financial questions at the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Boy in the Bands wonders about the terms under which a new church might be welcomed under the Universalist Unitarian umbrella.

Velveteen Rabbi responds to the New Reform Response to intermarriage by questioning whether welcoming conversions of non-Jewish spouses may evolve into pressure and an expectation of eventual identity shift – thus undermining community acceptance and respect of interfaith couples as they are.

At the Feminary, Episcopalian Stasi is rebuffed by an Anglican kissin’ cousin, but welcomed by rabbis.

In a post that (unfortunately) resonates with my own experience, Reverend Mommy narrates a humerous, humbling moment of self-realization in the classroom.

And last, Grateful Bear quotes the Sufi mystic Ibn al-Arabi. I am particularly fond of this:

My heart has become capable of every form:
It is a pasture for gazelles,
And a monastery for Christian monks,
And a temple for idols,
And the Ka’aba of the pilgrims,
And the tablets of the Torah,
And the book of the Koran.
I follow the religion of Love:
Whatever path Love’s camel takes,
That is my religion and my faith.

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