Unconscious Mutterings 191

Unconscious Mutterings 191

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Unconscious Mutterings

Weekly Unconscious Mutterings Meme – Week 191

  1. Taxes :: income, earnings, services, real estate, corporate welfare, cayman islands
  2. Hooray :: hoorah, weeee, oooooh, yay, all right, woo-hoo, yah, yippie, amen
  3. Justification :: rationalization, explanation, excuse, reasoning, ends/means, sola fide
  4. Shocking :: humorous, electric, outrageous, puritan
  5. Bureaucracy :: red tape, mediocracy, depersonalized, obstructive
  6. Porn :: scandal, skin, tapes, full frontal, degrading, imagistic
  7. Silly :: frivolous, goofy, serious, dazed, foolish
  8. DJ :: record rider, scratch, chains, mix, club
  9. Swing :: rhythm, vote, pendulum, stop, arrange, trapeze, tree
  10. Anti- :: opposed, against, pro-, ferryman, falcon, toes

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