Support Troops Online – Personal Favor

Support Troops Online – Personal Favor

I’m blogging this email I received from a marketer I know online named Jim Edwards. His son-in-law and team have been injured in Iraq. If you have a moment, please leave a non-political supportive message for Jon H. Thanks.

This past Friday my son-in-law was severely injured when the vehicle he was driving in Iraq was struck by a road-side bomb. He and 3 of his team members were badly hurt, the fifth member of the team was killed.

My article this week is about how we can use the Internet to support the troops and their families (regardless of our personal feelings about this or any other war).

*** Now here’s the personal FAVOR I need from you: ***

Tomorrow (Wed. 10/31/07) we’re driving up to Walter Reed Hospital to meet him after his medical transport plane arrives from Germany.

If you feel comfortable doing it, I’d like to ask you to leave a comment on my blog with a get-well or inspirational thought for my son-in-law, Jon H.

I’m not asking for – nor will I accept – political commentary about the war! What I’m asking for is some positive energy, prayers, and good thoughts for his recovery and that of his friends.

I want to print the comments off and take them to him so he can read them when he’s feeling a little down or when he feels alone or doubtful about what he went through and why.

Again, if you feel it’s appropriate for you, please read the article and leave him a positive note on the blog.

I’ll consider it a personal favor.

Thanks 🙂


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