JW Video

JW Video

I just have to mention Spiritual Brother’s Bible Research blog for its stunning collection of Jehovah’s Witness videos and documents.

I had never seen Pastor Russell preach before, and now I can understand how liberating and authentic it must have seemed at the time.

Today’s post really got to me, so I’m posting the video from YouTube. Historical photographs are set to a group of people singing the Kingdom Song “Take Sides with Jehovah!” (Exodus 32:26). It almost brought me to tears. It must have been so different back then. The song never sounded like that at my Kingdom Hall. For one thing, no-one was trained to sing the harmonies anymore. Music with spirit was almost entirely gone. It’s still a very basic song, but it would have made those long meetings a lot more bearable if we could have created a beautiful sound of praise – with feeling and beauty – rather than a cold dirge. I remember people almost glaring sometimes at the few people who really sang. So sad.

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  1. Hi Heidi. For a time I associated with the real Bible Students (yes, they still exist). I was incredibly moved by the strong spirituality exhibited – it was a factor in my decision to move on from the JWs. Thanks for the video. Many of those songs are indeed beautiful

    Chris´s last blog post – Can you See the Star of Bethlehem ?

  2. I also am an exJW, disfellowshipped for dating and non JW when I was in my early twenties. My Mother, who claims to be of the Annointed, went to the governing body and told them all about my sins. I was in love and could not honestly tell them I would not associate with him again. Eventualy did marry the man. dating and have a wonderful daughter. We divorced, but remain on good terms now. after my divorce I went to a church service with some close friends. I did not expect to hear anything good there, but was I surprized. When I entred the door someone greeted me, which I thought was a nice touch, but as I walked through the foyer other people came up and greeted me in a most genuine way. I thought, this must be what it would feel like to be in the presence of the Holt Spirit, but of course it couldn’t be in a church. We went into the sanctuary and sat near the back. They had an orchestra and large Choir. Pretty soon the music started and soon after I started to cry. The Song was “Because He Lives.” The song starts out with,”Because He lives I can face tommorow, because HThe Pastor taught from the Bible, not a script sent to him by the WBTS. I

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