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Thinking Through Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method

Found essay from 1988, when I was immersed in the academic study of religion. This was not the only tool…

Hello AT&T – Structural Silo Problem on Your Billing Systems

Hello AT&T Customer Service – Structural Silo Problem with your Billing Systems

Maya Goodbyes

Our puppygirl Maya went into cardiac arrest on Wednesday (August 20, 2014) and even the excellent doctors at St. Francis…

Please Help us Save Our Dog MAYA

Please help give Maya more time.


“It” is an ever-mutating cluster. To be able to look at the current constellation without despair or anger or fear is difficult, sometimes impossible. This is why we have spiritual heroes – because we think that maybe they can, however flawed they might be otherwise.

Truth Be Told – in Atlanta Oct 29th

TRUTH BE TOLD will be screened exclusively on Tuesday October 29, 2013 at AMC Phipps Plaza 14 in Atlanta. The documentary lifts the veil on the seemingly benign Jehovah’s Witnesses religion to expose a profit-driven, isolationist culture characterized by fear, totalitarian corporate leadership, intellectual & spiritual intimidation, suspension of critical thinking, failed prophecies, doctrinal inconsistency and improper handling of physical and sexual abuse allegations within the church.

Was it Really That Hard to See?

Marilyn video … all you saw was my smile … was it really that hard to see …

Them as You Speak – Hester Site

Once in a while, it’s good to go random, just to see what the cosmos throws at’cha when you ask. Album: Hester Site – Them as You Speak

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